2004 SRT-4 vs. 93 5.0 Mustang

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  3. If a Mustang that makes 235RWHP is capable of low 13's what makes you so confident that a SRT-4 making 235RWHP can't do the same... :shrug: Let assume that 18-19psi is the MAX for a streetable car...that extra 6 psi can be another 30RWHP+...You're saying that at 19psi the car won't last long? Were you an engineer that helped design the car? I love it how some people that know NOTHING about a car dog it because they drive a different car and can't get it through their thick heads that just maybe it deserves credit...

  4. Your wife doesnt think my head is thick....well depends which head she is looking at.....
    Back to the argument at hand....I NEVER SAID IT WOULDNT LAST AT 19 PSI....If you read before you type u will see that I said it wont last long above that like the 27 psi u suggested.I said the max for a normal life car is gonna be 18-19 ...Mabye phonics doesnt work fro everyone :shrug:

    the 99+ Mustang run 230ish rwhp and they manage low 14's with a good driver..... Even with the weight differences a whole second isnt gonna hapen...I apprecaite all cars, but I am not gonna believe everyone that says they can make a stock Mini van run 12's.....Mabye you should join the SRT boards since u are the almighty on the knowledge of them.
  5. Did he originally say "stock" or "unmodded" !?! I cant remember... Because if he said the car is unmodded, then yes, things like raising the PSI in the turbo would count as modding. But if he said the car is "stock", even if the PSI in the turbo is raised to 27, its still the stock turbo, and stock parts, therefore IMO, the car is still stock, but is modded (if that makes any sense).
  6. Relax people. I don't care if it runs 13.9's or 13.223245! I just make sure I can bust his a$$ when I see it trying to do the classic ricer flyby! Lets not get bent out of shape.
  7. """Relax people. I don't car if it runs 13.9's or 13.223245! I just make sure I can bust his a$$ when I see it trying to the classic ricer flyby! Let not get bent out of shape"""


    plus neons are for chicks anyway. haha

  8. Let's get off the wives....so I can get off yours...BTW: how's your wife and MY kids? I'm curious how you know so well about a specific engine and it's reliability...How do you know that that engine won't last long with 27psi...? It's still a STOCK turbo...so why wouldn't STOCK internals support it? Interesting huh? What is it about 18-19psi that is a magical number that says it will be streetable? Did you help design the car? what credibility can YOU possibly have in regards to your argument? Below are some threads here on stangnet what other members here have to say about them...


    or better yet just type in SRT-4 and see how many threads you get here on stangnet about them...YOU have no credibility, you have parochial vision, and you just CAN’T FACE THE FACTS OR POSSIBILITIES!!! :flag:
  9. oh my god this thread is going wayy too far.

  10. LMAO man o man way to have a comback I have only heard mabye 500 times.....AND anyone knows that STOCK internals are usualy meant for STOCK boost not running more than double....a$$......
    Lets end this arguement and you can go buy one tomorow, crank the boost up too 27 PSI and drive around for awhile comback in 6 months and tell me how she runs......JUST cuz the stock turbo can touch 27 psi doesnt mean the engine can live on it.....
    Keep calling me out about not being a neon engineer when I havent seen any of your credentials yet.....
    And for the last time if you consider runnign 27 PSI to be bone stock then ur a bigger ass than I thought....
    from here on out lets keep the threads clean so we dont close the topic, because besides Highcloud and his pointless BS I am interested in this topic.
  11. Ohh yea and what are you trying to prove with your links?? Half the people in them cant agree on wether the block will hold either....and a few are saying that with 500 HP they cant run 11's....which makes sense beause bone stock they can almost touch 12's right?? man sometimes I wonder about people like you.
  12. It;s cool Civiceater, Highbred talks out his toothless mouth, below his back. He backed a buffoon that agreed to a 13.2 with stock tires, then attacked me about being on my second account on this site. He and his buttbuddy Micheal Yount are in a fantasy 1/4 mile world where stock SRT's can run 13.2's. I suppose next year they will bust out with mid 12's right. :bs:
  13. I just want to see the vids. I will let you guys do the fighting.:D

  14. Civiceater: The point of the links is to show you how much power has been made with the STOCK internals...that's just it...THEY ARE STOCK...as far as the times go...I don't know why a 500WHP car goes only 11's...dyno queen my guess or a shi**y driver...Also you can see how the SRT-4 compare to Mustangs STOCK vs. STOCK so you see that high 13's are possible with 99+ Mustang as with the SRT-4's...so with the new model being .3 faster...low 13's aren't too far from the truth...with perfect condition and a good driver...
  15. what are you good for? You have 24 posts and half of the meaningless BS you post have been on this one thread ALONE!!! and yet you keep on running your trap...Congratulations...internet warrior!!! If only you were as knowledgable as people like Michael Yount Stangnet would be such a better place...but I guess we'd all be living in a perfect world if douschebags like you didn't exist...why are you here? All that was ever said was that 13.2 is not too far from the truth especially since the 04 models of SRT-4 are .3 faster...so you do the math...I don't know why some of you people are against this car...Afterall isn't it made in the U.S.A? I am happy for Dodge to be competing with the import crowd especially nowadays when everybody seems to be into sport compact cars...I can't wait till Ford does something in regards to the Focus...a Cosworth version would be cool to see in the states... :flag:

  16. Soooooo your not gonna go buy one and put it at 27psi?????? Man I thought that with all your "knowledge" on them you would take the challenge. :shrug:

    You are doing alot of fighting for a car you dont own and apparently have never driven. I have driven two before and neither of them was stock and NIETHER of them was running low 13's ..... so Untill you call this kid and have him fax you the slips and ask him if his boost was stock psi just shut up with you pointless arguing.

    I love the fact you are making fun of Powershift for making fun of you :nonono: ....so what if half his posts are about your ignorance on the topic? He obviously thought it was worth the posts....You should feel privleged.
    On the 500RWHP topic.....if they are running 500hp with the stock block you just wait and see how long they run.....
    Either way who wants a 500 hp Neon that runs 12's?

    BOTTOM LINE (for the 100000th time) no bone stock neon (boost included) runs 13.2.......
  17. CivicEater...you are a loser... :nonono: I'm done wasting time with you...there's no hope for you man...It just amazes me how narrow-minded some people could be. I could care less about powershift351 and his BS...I'm 99% positive he has no knowledge to contribute...I'm not here on Stangnet to compete in internet wars...there can be only one...and you are the internet warrior... ;) I back down...you win buddy... :hail2:

    As far as the SRT-4 goes...If I was into the sportcompact scene I would definately consider the SRT-4 since for the money it is the fastest NEW car on the market...and with few little upgrades it only gets fasters...I may have never drove one but I did race one and I find them impressive enough to give credit where credit is due... :flag:
  18. :nice:
  19. CivicEater: Offcourse...whatever helps you sleep at night little buddy...If it means me :hail2: to your nonsense to make you quit being a little homo...I will. As I said earlier...I'm done with you...True you never stated you don't appreciate sportcompacts BUT You also never stated any facts to back up your claim...I at least tried. You might have driven them...I haven't...I was just a passanger while my buddy raced one in his S-10 Xtreme...and I must say I was impressed buy those little bastards...You deliberately instigated a flame fest just like powershift351...I don't get how you can even deny it...but whatever...it's done...game over...you win little buddy...now you can go to bed happy and proud of yourself...You can honestly add another "W" to your list of victories against internet nemesis...

    P.S...the S-10 Xtreme is a 4.3L pushing 10lbs of boost through a Procharger...along with an intercooler...The truck put down 300RWHP and 315RWTQ last year. The truck also runs mid 13's...and BTW: when the race was in progress it was on a highway and the SRT-4 started pulling on the truck at about 90MPH...Don't know what the SRT-4 had done to it but it was the first year they were out...who knows though...IT WAS PROBABLY RUNNING LOW 14's instead... :rolleyes:
  20. Highbred ...I backed my talk up several times referencing driving mags times(with professional driver) and my own personal experience driving them. ... what "Facts" did you state??? ooo thats right you have none.....I am really getting sick of you... I dont see any other stangers backing you up on your tirade... makes me wonder.
    I came on here as part of a friendly arguement and if Im not mistaken a majortiy of the posts agreeed that a bone stock neon wouldnt run 13.2 !!!!!!....THATS ALL THIS HAS BEEN ABOUT...You say they can and I say they cant...the rest is just your BS and jealousy because your a nerd and you lost this arguement. so untill you see one run that time shut the hell up. <simply put.
    I thought you said in a prev post you were done with me....ehh just couldnt resist coming back could you??
    PS glad to see you can race them in a friends truck from the passenger seat.