2004 SRT-4 vs. 93 5.0 Mustang

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  1. CivicEater: Seriously just the the "W" and be done with it...you have accomplished EVERYTHING you wanted...your life long goal has been met!!! You can go to bed now...I applaud you...yet I am amazed at you at the facts you did provide...Do you remember the issues where the RX8 was being compared to the 03 Cobra etc...etc...and the Cobra lost...If I'm not mistaken Car and Driver was the magazine...Don't you find it a little odd how C&D is biased to specific car manufacturers? Especially domestics... :shrug: I thought I mentioned that in my previous posts...BTW: Did you miss that issue or did you just not read the issues? Who knows maybe you were just too buisy looking at the pictures...Such magazines are biased and I don't think they are ALL accurate...I agree with you the only way to know for sure is owning one and driving one at the track...

    I kick my self to this day "we" (my friend and I) didn't take my car that day...the SRT-4 owner would have had a different smurk on his face after I would have been done with him...too bad because he was a really cocky f**k...But than again who knows maybe if I was in my car he wouldn't try to race once he heard the sound of my cam in his chest ...that alone definately makes people think twice before they mess with me... ;) too bad... :D
  2. Your absolutley right they can be biased....but you say they are biased to domestics? then why would the RX8 have won? Mazda is owned by Ford but def. more import than ford is....your little theory doesnt make sense...Thank you Thank you Thank you....I wonder why your giving me the "W" are you just bringing that up over and over becuase you want me to give it to you? well that aint happening
    While you get your dad to figure out what to say next just imagine you have usefulness in life and go to sleep.
  3. My bed time is not up yet little buddy... :p and why are you bringing up the members of my family? I thought we already established that's not what a cool fella like yourself would do... ;) But in regards to C&D...even though Mazda is a branch of Ford, the comparisson in that issues was domestic vs import...one factor that made the article interesting was that the 1/4 mile time for the 03 Cobra was something along the lines of low 13's...not sure about the exact times since I don't have the magazine handy but it was along the lines of .2-.3 above 13 flat range...YET there have been many threads here on Stangnet as well as the corral where stock 03 Cobras ran high 12's...again I don't have the exact numbers but it was along the lines of .8-.9 above 12 flat...As you can see that such magazines as C&D have an at least a .3 standard error that can contribute to conditions/driver...SO going by strictly magazines and their claims is incorrect...THAT's almost the same as going by what manufacturers claim in terms of gains for the aftermarket parts...Remember that, ten, 10HP mods do not add up to 100HP... :D...
  4. I dont recall saying anything negative in my last post about your family.....mabye you should reread..I said your father was helping you little man. YOU are the one that said they favor domestics but then you say they favored the mazda? I am not going soley on CD times I am going on my driving them and several people saying they have seen them run a BEST of low 14's usually....man you really have no good points. Face the facts that I do know what I am talking about and untill you show me the time slip I am not going to belive you. And what do you have proof wise to show that they can run 13.2 BONE stock? I havent seen a shred of solid evedience saying they can...please enlighten me...
  5. CivicEater: Refer to post #58...or wait here it is incase you can't finde it...You never gave me an answear...

    "Exactly...in your book...SO let me ask you is bumping the timing up, removing the air silencer, and running a shorter belt and by passing the A/C as well as the SMOG equiptment a mod?"

    Your definition of stock is obviously different than mine...since if you really think about it bumping boost doesn't require changing to a differnet bigger turbo..but whatever...I'm sure there are just as many "free-ups" on an SRT-4 as they are on a Mustang that can help free up exhisting HP without bumping up the boost...so the gentelment who said his son ran a 13.2 on a stock motor could have had a different defintion of stock...Technically speaking you can bump boost not much and still get away using the same injectors...obviously if you bump the boost to more than the stock injectors can handle you'll need to get bigger ones and I believe the SRT-4 come with a stage setup the offers injectors and a bigger MAF...SO again we don't know for sure...we are merely speculating...The way I look at it is...if you don't have to replace stock parts...than the car is still technically stock just not in stock tune...your definition differs and hence here is where our disagreement emerges...

    I don't care if you never refered to any of my family members in a negative fashion...just don't do it...it's really not cool...Besides do you have a dad fetish or something? You like the old grizzely type? Whatever floats your boat I guess...gay marriage seems to be acceptalbe in today's society...I wish you the best...you have my blessing...
  6. LMAO yes I have a fetish with dads? What a ***gala...I mentioned "dad" once and it was not in a negative light...if that is "obsessed" in your book than, your book on fetishes is just as skewed as your book on "stock" . If you bump boost 10 psi giving yourself an extra 100 horse power than you are most def not stock. Just trust me on this one becuase yo seem to be having problems understand me and eveyrone else.
    In answer to 58....re-read beasue I stated my answer...man hooked on phonics really took you didnt they? Just incase you cant read ....I said that bumping timing is way different than bumping boost though a power adder. Either way niether is "Bone stock" ......Hope this helps.
    PS if you want to start trash talking again this topic will get locked down ... so just email me your "I wish you your best" gay talk and I will respond accordingly [email protected]
  7. Are you propositioning me or something? I never said anything more than merely suggested that you choose to lead an alternative form of lifestyle...based on your family member involvment comebacks...I'm not trash talking either...and would prefer to communicate under a filtered enviornment...

    but anyways...I was not talking about bumping up the boost by 10psi...What I was saying that I'm sure you can bump the boost from 13.5psi which is stock on the SRT-4 to possibly 15psi and while still running the stock injectors...the extra 1.5psi is doubtfully going to add 100HP but more like 10HP...take that along with other free mods you can do to an SRT-4 and now the 235whp becomes at least 245whp with just the boost alone...let just say the other mods such as by passing the A/C and whever esle you can do to an SRT-4 while not changing anything just freeing up the HP...now you have 250whp...You're telling me you can't run low 13's with 250whp? If that was a Mustang...and I don't mean your heavey a$$ tank SN95 but rather a fox body 250RWHP would definately qualify for low 13's...right? So can you make this connection based on what I provided...just think about it...I'm sure you can't be as mentally challanged as you proceed to act...
  8. If you did all of the above you cannot consider the car BONE STOCK in my opinion. It is as simple as that. He should say he did all those "free mods" when he stated the 13.2. I dont know if you have ever driven a turbo car but to bump the boost you need a boost controller...now if you have a boost controller is it stock?

    I am not propoistioning anything. If you want to stay in this "filtered enviro" thats fine but dont call me out again or I will come back with somthing that will lock this opic and that would be a shame. If you dont understand this you must be even more metally challeneged as you appear to be.
    ALSO I will speak about your family to a point that will make you cry if you dont keep this to SRT's from now on you sorry excuse for a women.
  9. Wow...now you imagine me as a woman? :nonono: So what am I wearing in your fantasy world? Nevermind...I don't want to know...Anyways...I agree that the guy should have specified what exactly he considers stock...I have never driven a turbo car...however, I have driven a superchared truck and if the boost controller serves the same function as a boost timing retard than you can get away with upping the boost little bit like 1.5psi or 2psi without causing detonation...while kicking the timing down a little...However, with the new DOHC setup I do not know how easy that would be considering the fact that it is not the same as the good o'le 5.0...BTW: I thought there was something that has too be included in a forced induction vehicle like a BTM or a boost controller stock?...I just don't know enough about the boost controller...So how is the boost operated on the SRT-4 if it does not come with a boost contoller? is that already programmed into the computer?
  10. Well in a turbo vehicle to "up" the boost you need a boost controller...they cost a few hundred bucks and will reder the vehicle not stock. Not to flame you but I would learn more about turbo vehicles before go on a rant about what they can run "stock". They run the boost thought the stock Comp I believe. I hope this helps.
  11. LOL...Turbos are my weak point...I thought they would have something to control that incase of detonation...but than again I am comparing a turbo to a blower in my mind...and those are two different type things that one may need and the other may not...anyways I just noticed that for the last 2 pages were were going back and forth...I feel sorry for whomever has to read all this crap...anyways got to go to bed...early class tomarrow...take it easy...take the "W" and shut up...lol.
  12. I live in memphis and have seen a few at the racetrack and they are no slouches. When the average 2 valve and GM cars running low 14s get beat handily by these neons, these are definitely mid-low 13 second cars as I have seen them. They may have had a few mods BUT were totally quiet, no exhaust note and definitely no turbo howl. I am a long time mustanger and I have to give props where props are due and this new neon has some serious NUTS. I have no problem believing these things are low 13 second capable. My 2 cents
  13. Well like I stated before. I have another account here that I cannot access. You can look it up, because I know your little stalking a** will. "Powershift8". I never said I was against the car, I have friends that have them. They are quick, but no stock SRT-4 will run a 13.2. Seems like you are the internet warrior. You spend your entire life on this website. Me being the douchbag that I am, won't even waste my time on a p*ss* like you. So go take your little tongue punching self over to your butt buddy Micheal's house and take turns on his Volvo. :owned:
  14. Powershift - the chance that you'll post again is the only thing that's keeping me in the thread. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a good laugh every time you post. It's not often we get to see such an incredible display of immaturity, arrogance, low self esteem, personal insecurity and homophobia all wrapped up in one poster with no originality, clear feelings of inadequacy and the inability to discern when he's in over his head - a dangerous combination. PLEASE keep replying - we're all entertained by it! Don't let us down -- we're all waiting for it....
  15. Agreed... Who's :owned: now.
  16. Powershift351: Now I'm gonna whisper this into your good ear so you don't get embarrassed...but I wasn't the one questioning your membership...I question your state of mind...Makes me question if your mommy built the swingset right next to the wall when you were littleler...cause that would explain ALOT...but again not your membership...It was 65ShelbyClone: this sound familiar...well somwhere on page 3 you can see who said that...

    "A pseudo-veteran noob trying to pull rank, now thats comedy! If you left and came back with no account, then you werent a member for even a year now, were you?"

    I really don't care about you...you have the whole 29 posts and already this morning you started out with the war paint on your face...no different from yesterday or the day before...
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  18. M. Yount has replied to 2 of my posts and gave me very good suggestions without the arrogance in a down to earth sort of way. Powershift please act accordingly and show all members respect. This is not a grudge match, this is a forum serving as an interstate for information. I for one do not want to see someone being downed for his input, espescially valuable input. My 2 cents.
  19. ya know what else is fast? rsx type s, stock my freinds ran 12.8
  20. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Amen. I'll never put him on ignore. It's too amusing to hear what's next. :D

    Oh by the way, whether a SRT-4 will do 13.7 or 13.2 it will still beat a stock 5.0 (with air silencer removed and timing bumped) Period. Get over it. It might be faster but there is no style, no rumble, no low end and no fishtailing. We're all stangers here so drop the egos. You know who you are.