2004 SRT-4

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  1. WOW.....that is all I got to say after I test drove one today.....i love mustangs....i had a 68 coupe and now i have a 2000 convertible but if i could afford one of those it would be sitting in my driveway right now.........it's crazy how much horsepower is coming from that little engine and how much bang for the buck you get.....but i still have my great 00 convertible v6 stang
  2. Meh, it's still a Neon.
  3. :doh: So, it's quick and affordable? Well, it's also a Neon AND a Dodge. Plus, and I don't know if you noticed this, but after you get the little 0-60 thrill, it's just another Neon beyond that....My Stang :owned: one from a 70 roll. I also am not a fan of the dual Folgers can exhaust. Did you know the motor in that thing is made by Mitsubishi? It's not even a true domestic. Now, I have some rice out there that I do like (Acura RSX-S :nice: ), but I have no respect for a "muscle rice" car that 1. Has an interior developed for women drivers 2. Is a fake domestic 3. Is a Dodge 4. Is a Neon. I'm sorry guys, but if that Neon ran the quarter in 9.5 secs I STILL would not drive it. :notnice:
  4. ide get a wrx first
  5. How is the tiny 4-banger impressive? The damn thing is pushing about 16psi of boost stock!!!! :eek:
  6. Those SRT's run 14.2 Bone Stock in the Quarter Mile... Funny thing is the first time I went to the Tracks to run the 1/4 Mile I raced a SRT and got my ass handed to me. The damn Neons are... Fast little SOB's. :nice:
  7. Afford one? Crikey, they're only $20,000k...

    I drive them all the time, I work for Dodge. I like the idea, it's smart on Dodge's part to target a younger audience, you're getting a good amount of bang for your buck on a new car - how many new cars cost $20k and run low 14s stock?

    However...you get in them, and it is the same interior as a regular neon with a few jazzy editions. I hate their version of "racing" seats, they look so incredibly cheap looking and they aren't that comfortable. The exterior is better looking than a regular neon, but that's about all I can say. If they would just do something about those gay headlights. At least the car got a quaife LSD this year...

    In the end, it is still a neon, and it is annoying when srt-4 owners forget that. And, like all true neons, it doesn't even have power rear windows on the top model :D
  8. i was always a fan of the WRX, anf then they came out with the new STI in america, damn that thing looks good, but another problem is you wouldnt really be able to do much to the outside to make it incredibly different from all the other STIs out there, the car comes pre-riced (but not as much so as the EVO8) (i have nothing against the evolution, my cuzin has one, it kicks ass) with a mustang you can de so much from a bone stock model...
  9. Hmmm, how about an 04 Mustang GT? A few have gone for below $20K.

    Are you kidding? You know where they get the seats from right? ;)
  10. No.. where do they get their seats from?


  11. right, so the Viper, you wouldn't consider a muscle car? The only sports car that still uses a big block engine? :rolleyes:

    the one thing i find retarded about that neon is the fact that in the 2003 models (possibly '04 as well), the front doors have power windows, adn the back doors are manual windows. WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT?!!! :nonono: :shrug:
  12. They come right out of the Viper :nice:
  13. i think they're pretty cool cars. they do look a bit ricey, but they got some potential and a pretty tough motor to boot.
  14. I feel the same about the nasty looking WRX...
  15. No offense, but WHATEVER! There is NO WAY a v6 stang w/ bolt ons ran an SRT on top end. ITS NOT POSSIBLE! You raced an sxt or the driver was a retard. sorry. The engine isn't even built by Mitsu. :nonono:

  16. Oh gee, look, a ricer calling :bs: on me...what a surprise :rolleyes: . Okay, an UNDEBATABLE FACT is that the Neon motor IS a Mitsu. Read up kid. Also, feel free to call :bs: on the aforementioned race all you want, I don't care, I know quite well the difference between the SXT and the SRT-4 and it WAS an SRT-4...as for the driver being retarded, well, he WAS a ricer so..... :D

  17. Ok, read my post better before you flame me..."Muscle rice". A Viper is not rice, therefore I was not talking about it. But since we are on the friggin subject, and since everyone is jumping all over every post I've made recently, I'm gonna go ahead and say that sure, the Viper is a muscle car. And I hope that the people who are stupid enough to spend $80k on it enjoy sitting on the side of the road, b/c an UNDEBATABLE FACT is that the Viper is very very prone to overheating during city driving. It's a track car, built for racing, not for daily driving. Do I think it looks cool? Sure. Would I drive one? Heck no. It's a gas guzzler, it's a Dodge, and. quite frankly, it's built for people who are going through a mid-life crisis. Any other comments? :mad:
  18. Damn you're stupid boy. Go to yahoo and search. The engine is built in Mexico and developed by Dodge, only mitsu thing is the turbo, and dodge choose to use it, not mitsu. maybe you should read popular hot rod magazine. You thinking an srt is slow becuase you raced an sxt makes you look foolish, and calling me a ricer when you're the one making dumbass comments once again makes you look VERY slow...in the head.
  19. The SRT-4 you 'raced' wasn't racing.
  20. Sure the SRT4 is a dodge... and inherently on stangnet theres gonna be some hating... BUT you gotta give credit where credit is due.
    First of all the car does not..i repeat DOES not fall flat on its face after 70 :rolleyes: ...in fact from a roll is where it shines. (My friend with the GT can personally attest to that, as he got 1.5 cars put on him over and over and over from a 65mph roll). Surely, its not everyones cup of tea, but thats no reason to hate and start :flame: wars. If i had a choice between an 04 GT and 04 SRT4.. id have both :banana: