2004 SRT-4

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  1. ummm...... no! it uses a v-10 not a Big Block

  2. When did I say that Mitsu chose Dodge? You know what..I'm just going to say "Ok man, you're right."....that's the only way to get rid of a ricer. You guys will argue to the death that an intake is 50 horsepower and so is exhaust....I own a Mustang...I beat an SRT-4 from a roll. What you think doesn't matter to me in the least. I do wish you guys would take into consideration that not everyone who buys a stick can drive a stick. But again, I'm not going to argue b/c it's not worth my time.
  3. if 500 cubes is not a big block......i dont know what is. (an im pretty sure i do) :D
  4. My chitty chitty bling bling can beat yo srt-4 thing. :D
  5. I'm no ricer. Mitsu does not make the SRT engine, dodge does, you are wrong. If you beat an SRT he wasn't racing, a 15 sec car vs a 13 sec car from a roll would be stupid.
  6. Here is where you are wrong. And you use the term ricer WAY to much, especially calling a stock domestic car rice. You're ignorant, no 2 ways around it.
  7. Are you kidding me? I test drove one and thought they were a complete joke. And they are no where close to fast! You need to go test drive a Z06 or a 03 Cobra. Make sure you take a towel with you when you do.
  8. funny you say that, I ran an 03 w/ a pulley, exhaust, 75 shot from a 60 mph roll. We pulled DEAD even up to 130 2 times and the 3rd time he sprayed and roasted my ass :) I'll keep a towel ready :p
    BTW the 03 cobra I raced had a passenger and about 150lbs of dead weight. I'm pretty sure that w/ his mods he would have slowly pulled past me from a dead even drop...and started pulling better up top (like around 120+) I have taken out stock 2003 cobras up to 130 before, where the cobra backed out. Calling an SRT slow stock is the same as calling your GT a joke stock. They run similar times at the track and the SRT gets more top end charge. If you are able to actually test drive an 03 cobra or Z06 you should be looking at toys like the neon anyways. They are much better cars if thats what your looking for.
  9. Wow, I find that hard to believe. You raced a 03 Cobra and his mods were pulley, exhaust, and a 75 shot? Why would you put a 75 shot of nitrous on a forged internals DOHC Cobra? Infact I don't know of anyone that would waste their time with a 75 shot of nitrous on a Cobra. And even with a passenger and "150lbs dead weight" a Cobra with exhaust and pulley would roast you if you are trapping 110mph. Stock 03 Cobras trap higher than that in the 1/4th. And the SRT4 is slow, and I don't own a GT.

  10. LMFAO... you silly ricer.

    IF you taken out these cobras, they probably werent even notified that they were racing you.

    You beat a Pulley, intake and exhaust COBRA, that will throw the cobra deep in the 12's, about 12.3~.

    Dead even my ass, he was probably just cruising to 130 and you was next to him trying to show him you can keep up.

    Woopdy doo.

    :bs: :bs: :bs:
  11. What neons don't have their own forums, or are you sad that you got rid of your mustang for a neon? :shrug:
  12. On slicks your looking at a 12.5-12.7 srt (me) and a cobra that runs [email protected] on slicks. Thats a VERY even run on the highway, when he has 300 lbs of dead weight. He has ran [email protected] (quoted from owner) on the bottle, and YES a 75 shot on a SUPERCHARGED car is a little different than just a 75 shot. It's called chilling the intake charge, make more power on the FI car than your average NA car on the same shot. He only has a pulley and exhaust and 75 shot nitrous. He has yet to get his ecu chipped. I know it's hard to believe, but the 3 people following after Reynolds last Fri evening saw it...he was at reynolds running n/t in the supersonic blue 2003 cobra. Look I know it's hard to believe, so I'll leave ya'll alone.
  13. slicks have nothing to do with it, infact the ET has nothing to do with it. The trap speed however has alot to do with it. So you are telling me that a Cobra with pulley and exhaust only traps 112mph? Wow, that is one sick Cobra. Tell him to replace the 2 coil packs that are out. :nonono: Fact remains a SRT4 is a joke unless it is HIGHLY modded. I have ran across a few and made them look absolutely retarded.
  14. I ran a 124mph in my Cobra, but only ran a 14.1(first time to the track with that car, no traction whatsoever.)


    Your still a silly ricer.

  15. :stupid: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: You know what I find funniest about this SiR joker? He says he's no ricer, but in his signature he lists the weight of his car including himself. :doh: :scratch: "Hey yo dawg, if youz take da keychain off and use just yo car key, you can save like another 5 pounds and $hit dawg...den yo ****nit would be a real road rocket." :rolleyes: Dude, you should have kept the Stang......and at least a little self respect. [email protected] to racing slicks like they add 50 horses or something. "Hard to believe?" Yeah, for anyone who's IQ is above that of a rock. :D
  16. You don't even make a point, my car weighed in full interior and me at 3050. The reason I post it is because I'm proud of the work I've done and how the car run on stock tires and the stock turbo. I have about $1500 in mods not coundting the clutch, so $2000 w/ the new clutch and the car runs very good. I don't believe in gutting a new car to run, you may, I don't. Slicks do not add power, but when you cut a 2.3 60' and run a 13.4 @ 110 mph EVERYONE that has a CLUE about drag racing KNOWS that cutting the 60' down to a 1.8 WILL result in some 12s w/ my MPH. I do not have slicks. I want a 12.9 on stock tires, when you make 300+ftlbs and 300+hp in a car that weighs 3000+ lbs AND have FWD, traction becomes and issue. I've never owned a mustang or acted like I did. The people trying to call me out on what I'm saying back it up, I can. If you hate neons, thats your opinion, I can't MAKE you broaden your horizons and take you head out of your ass for a sec to look around. If you think a V6 mustang can smoke an SRT from 70 mph+ because the SRT owner had a heartattack at the wheel and didn't hit the gas, then thats your problem, but misinformation is the mother of many ****-ups. I'll keep posting my times, if you ever make it to the track and post a respectable time you might also post yours, I just won't flame you for it, cause I'm not blind.
  17. And you're the typical gear head. Thats an outstanding trapspeed, I'd like to know what all you have done instead of belittle you w/ ricer comments but if you want them I can give them.
  18. List the mods you have done to your SRT4.
  19. Stage 1 ecu and inj, 3" downpipe no cat, 3" resonator, agp wga, turbo xs DSBC, ngk plugs (.035), 105octane gas that night, pepboys air filter ( :) ) Spec stage 3i clutch, AGP front mount, turbo xs BOV-maybe more, I can't think of anything else important.
    Also HPD-

  20. Hey man it was just a test, you passed.

    Finally a mature one.