2004 V6 Bellhousing Pattern/Manual Swap Questions

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Jul 17, 2018
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Hello all,
My first car was a 2004 mustang V6 Auto, and I originally wanted to V8 manual swap it, but after hearing how much of a pain that is, I am willing to keep the v6 as a nice cruiser, but I want to change the auto to a t5, and I will be getting a clutch pedal and pedal lines, but I wanted to know what tranny I could put in the '04 without a lot of modification, and which bellhousing would fit. I'm not sure what else I need, I'm pretty sure I blew up the trans in that mustang too. What would be your advice for the cheapest manual swap that would work?
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You may discover that this job isn't worth it either.

Find a 99 - 2004 V6 at a junk yard and take all the pieces and parts including pedals, harness, cable, quadrant (or hydraulic equivalent), flywheel, driveshaft (if a different length), and anything else manual related that I'm not thinking of (shifter boot, bezel)...

I'm sure if you've asked people about motor swaps and trans swaps before that you've heard, "Buy a donor car". The same applies. Good news is that if you do find a good donor (wrecked GT), you can do the motor and trans together and make your life easier.

You'll need a beater to drive around in while all that's going on of course. Would be easier to trade up for a GT then spend your time and money modding that. :shrug: