2005-07 Mustang Tmi Sport Seats

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  1. Our ever popular Sport Seat line has finally made it's way into the S-197 lineup!!
    The replacement upholstery and foam is available now from many of your Mustang Parts Dealers.

    This is a replacement upholstery that will go over your existing stock frames. The finished product will give you a heavier bolstered seat with a custom designed upholstery. The first up is our Sport R:

    Contrast stitching and uni-suede inserts help set off this fresh new design for the '05-07 Mustangs.
    Multiple thread color options helpgive this upholstery a personaltouch.
    While the newly shapedfront bucket seat foams make tiredold seats feel responsive andbetter than new!
    Available in Black Leather or Vinyl - Thread colors offered are: Red, White, Black & Gray.

    New boldly styled foams work to hold you into the front buckets.
    While the subtle, yet stylish newly designed upholstery gives the interioran 'attitude adjustment'.
    The new Sport Series from TMI updates yourMustangs interior in every way possible.
    Custom and Stock Colors available.

    These kits will be available as full kits for front and back seats - or simply as a front bucket set only. In order to achieve the new heavier bolster our Sport Seats offer - new Sport Foams will need to be bought in conjunction with the new Sport Upholstery. The kits will be available for both Coupe and Convertible.