2005-2009 MAC Ceramic Longtubes shipped for $432.10

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  1. Dear women of the internet,

    We are well aware that Valentine's Day is around the corner, and we've made our arrangements and preparations for the romantic dinners and getaways. However, this year is different. We're sick and tired of being neglected, and would like you to realize that we too, have needs.

    Know what we need?

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    Mac Ceramic Longtubes for our 2005-2009 Mustang GT's.

    In case you didn't know, Mac is the one of the leaders in automotive and motorcycle performance parts and accessories, and with over 30 years in business, Mac Performance knows the parts we need. Their longtubes are made from fully Mandrel bent heavy gauge tubing, and come high temp Ceramic coated. They're pretty, just like you, and they're something we really want on our car.

    Oh, and they're a great price too. Regularily, these retail for 489.95, but the guys from Last Call Racing will ship it to the door for only $432.10.

    Thanks for listening,


    This offer is only good while supplies last, and guys, you don't have to force your lady to buy this for you... but we don't mind if you use her card.
  2. how much is the matching O/R H/X pipe?
  3. It's looking like a stainless steel 2.5" off-road pro chamber, part number PC4605 retailing at $439.50.

    We'll get a package deal for you tomorrow and save you some money.
  4. How about $400 shipped for the stainless offroad midpipe?