2005-2010 JBA longtube headers Hpip

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by streetmotorz, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Set of JBA longtube headers, they were on the car for about 6 months. bought the car last year around May so i have a little over a year with my 2009 Gt and need to get rid of all the goodies so i can trade in for 2011 GT.

    the Headers are stainless steel not coated , the driver side header had 2 tubes slightly bent because of clearance issues with the steering shaft but will not effect the performance. they were bent about 10th of an inch. The passanger header was a no problem fit. So who ever wins these should have no problem installing these yourself. there will be no putting on and taking off.

    I can also throw in the stainless steel o/r h pipe if you want it, the h pipe was welded on at the "H" of the pipe instead of using clamp and was clamped on to the headers, i will include pair of clamps. the issue is that when we took these off we sawed off the h pipe in the middle in order to be able to take these off the car so who ever gets these will need to take it to the muffler shop to get the Hpipe welded back together in the middle where they meet at the H.

    I will also throw in a set of o2 extensions so your front o2 sensors reach the new location at the bottom of the long tubes and the H pipe has o2 spacers that will space back you rear o2 sensors so that your service light does not come on.

    looking to get $300 obo for the headers and i will throw in the hpipe , extensions, and spacers. but like i said you will need to take the hpipe for welding

    any questions just email me or call at 830-352-9966 or you can see more of me at streetmotorz dot piczo dot com
  2. Ive been wanting to get my hand on JBA LT's and mid pipe to go with my JBA axle back. I know first come first get but can you please make me your first buyer. Where are you located? Let me know asap.
  3. Divad82, don't bother. I tried to buy these also but he sold them out from under me....
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