Expired 2005-2012 Mustang UMI Suspension Kits - Brand New

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    For Sale: I am asking $510.00 for both kits but willing to sell separately. I am also open to offers... These items are pick up or can be shipped at buyers expense. I am located in Westchester County NY. If you are interested please contact me and leave a voicemail at 191422769655.

    2005-2012 Ford Mustang Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit
    UMI Performance S197 sway bar kit is designed to reduce body roll, oversteer and increase corning capabilities resulting in a more balanced suspension and better handling vehicle. UMI's kit is supplied with a light weight hollow 35mm adjustable front sway bar and a solid 22mm rear sway bar. Front and rear sway bars are CNC bent and formed as one piece to insure maximum strength and performance. Kit includes new greaseable bushings with clamshells and billet aluminum end links for the rear sway bar. Installation is 100% bolt in and can be completed in only a few hours.
    Part #: 103546
    Note:Rear sway bar will not fit convertible models.

    2005-2010 Ford Mustang Rear Control Arm Kit
    The S197 Mustang chassis uses a 3-link rear suspension system which consists of (1) upper control arm, (2) lower control arms and a panhard bar to control the rear end under the vehicle. Under hard loads the factory pieces tend to flex and rubber bushings deflect leading to poor traction and erratic handling. Replacing the factory pieces with stronger well designed items eliminates this flex allowing for better control of the vehicle and improved traction during launches. This kit from UMI Performance includes (1) rear upper control arm and (1) set of lower control arms. Both items are a 100% factory direct bolt-in replacements and use the OEM hardware. Each item is built using 0.120" wall thickness drawn over mandrel tubing, TIG welded for the utmost in strength and supplied fully assembled with grease-able Energy Suspension bushings.
    Part #: 101213
    Kit Includes- (1) Set of rear lower control arms and (1) rear upper control arm 3E13I43Hf5I25Ed5H5d2ea4106dd9e41d1cf4.jpg 3E63Jd3N35N25Gd5Had2eb8bfe84c56ef13c1.jpg 3Gb3La3M35L55N35G9d2e197c232e8e9a1991.jpg 3K23Ld3H75L65Eb5J8d2e80c8c920ef5a15a9.jpg 3F53L63J85G25Fb5H2d2e318ba29ec9f51c81.jpg
  2. Is the second kit for a 2005-2010 or 2005-2012? I got a 2011. If it fits my 2011, would you split them and how much?
  3. Is this still for sale?
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