2005 Blower?s

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  1. Who do you think will have the first blower for the 2005 car? Any input.
  2. I don't know, but an intercooled KB Blowzilla and about 12 lbs of boost would be nice!

  3. :drool: no doubt it will be the most anticipated setup for the new 3 valve engines. I would expect 500 hp with 9pounds or less to be possible with bolt ons.

  4. I would have to say Vortech. They are always on top of their game, and have usually been first with all the mustangs since the mid nineties. Problem with the KB's will be that new intake seems much more difficult to make a roots type blower out of. Its very LS1 like, and as with those cars its all centrifuge or turbo. Now a turbo, that will probably make some awesome power with the new intake and added valves. For comparisons sake look at Mercedes' AMG lineup of SOHC three valve engines, and the power that they make with twin screw blowers. So whatever comes out, it will be insane over what we are used to now.
  5. Im gonna go with vortech, I just think they always have the first kits out from what I see. I didn't have my hear set on an '06 Cobra I would be slapping a vortech on a '05 GT as soon as the car got in my driveway lol.
  6. lol I can already see the suprised faces of 03 Cobra owners and C5 Vette owners when the first supercharged or turboed 05 blows past them.

  7. :rolleyes: uh...huh....
  8. Why would you say that?:shrug:
  9. i'm gonna have to go with Vortech also, but i think it's going to take awhile. with the new front facing intake and the addition of the VVT, it will probably take some time to create a new system. it doesn't look like there is going to be much room to work with. as far as Kenne Bell, i heard they were having trouble with higher compression GT's and the 05 will be 9.8:1. so there may be a problem there.
  10. yuh huh...considering there are superchargers out for the 2v application that allows 99+ GTs to blow past a stock Cobra why in the hell would you be pessimistic about a car that has a better starting platform with some forced induction wizardry added to it doing the same to a stock Cobra? Jeez nobody is knocking your ride just making a statement that a modded car will have the potential to go past a stock one unclench man. lol
  11. Nothing an intercooler, and a custom burned chip can't fix. I imagine with a new EEC computer, it will take some time for the aftermarket to crack it, but it will be done. Still a KB Blowzilla at say 6-8 lbs of boost will make a ton of torque off the line, and get that car moving quickly...or fry the tires, either way will be a lot of fun!

    If I am not mistaken, the Honda guys have been putting turbos on the VTEC'ed engines, so why not slap a blower or a turbo on a VVT 3V engine?

    If there is money to be made the the poweradder guys, they will do it.

  12. I wonder if there will be more room in the engine bay for easier turbo installs. Everything I've read about turboing an SN95 seems like it's rather complicated.
  13. Unless of course that 03 Cobra already has a nice Kenne Bell set-up or the C5 also has a nice sc or turbo set-up :) All I know is the moding to my 03 Cobra is pretty much done since in two years I'm anticipating a new 06 Cobra replacing it.

    I think Vortech will be the first and Powerdyne, if ever, will be the last.
  14. If we can get over 400rwhp out of a two valve car, what about the 05. The car will only weigh 100lbs more give or take. It has better weight distribution, and has a 5 speed auto which possibly could allow for steep gears without highway tradeoff. And last but not least the 4.6 3 valve. We all know what we can get from the current car, but with this car we might get alot more. Possibly close to or more than 450rwhp with 6-9lbs of boost. It breathes alot different and will react different to certain mods as well.
    I don't expect to see a roots style blower from the aftermarket. You'll possibly get it from the factory. Reason being the new intake has a bypass built in like the current imports. From what I know a KB or roots style screws would have to be mounted somewhat higher than the intake to still take advantage of this bypass valve. A centrifugal would be the easiest answer to the question.
  15. I have no doubt the 05 with a supercharger will put out some great numbers but a well tuned Kenne Bell 03 Cobra with some of the extra's can be 550+rwhp. Hell, my old supercharged 95 h/c/i would walk my 03 even as it sits. Older technology but still potent. I just want to see what the new Cobra is going to do. I would love to see an Eaton twin screw design on that bad boy.
  16. Only time will tell. ;)
  17. Someone say blower?

  18. Nice. :worship:
  19. Yep very true. I'm really hoping people will still do a ton of experimenting and tweaking on the 03 Cobra. I want the Cobra to replace the Supra in everybody's mind as the factory forced induction king. Hopefully one day we'll see people running lows 9s on the stock blower and some improved engine work.
  20. 5th gear in the 5R55 is not that steep. Its about the same as 4th gear in the 4R70W currently in the mustangs. This tranny will not hold with more hp than stock. The gears are spaced really nice in the 5R55 and should allow good performance stock. But overall the trans is junk. While this base tranny has been redesigned numerous times. It all started back with the A4LD which is the same transmission they used to put in the foxbody 4cly mustangs. This tranny was not designed to handle lots of power.