2005 Camaro?

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  1. That's a computer image done by a 19 year old. There definately won't be a new Camaro in 05. The soonest it may happen will be 07 and there's varying opinion on what will power it etc.
    Most think it'll be an Ls2 powered car that puts out around 400 horses. And it definately won't look like that as Lutz said he hates retro.
  2. Nice looking car.

    GM said they would not bring the Camaro or firebird back unless they had an affordable, global rear drive platform they could base it from. One of the things that killed those cars off was that the f-body platform didn't share anything with anything else in the lineup and was very expensive to build. Margins on that car were probably the lowest in their fleet. Maybe they could do a "GTO lite".

    I for one hope they bring it back. With Lutz at the helm, they might just do a good job on it. I would be really surprised if GM isn't considering it, seeing the amount of excitement surrounding the '05 mustang.
  3. Urban legend this has been going around since they quite making the 02 :lol:
    Of couse Chevy isn't smart enough to anounce a new car ahead of time like the Ford did.

    As far as I'm concerned chances are Dodge will make the Charger before Chevy comes out with a Camaro (which BTW been out for 3 years ).
    If they were anywhere near a new car/design they wouldn't have stopped production of the old model, that should be common sense IMO.

    By the time Chevy comes out with a new Camaro the 2nd coming of the 60's will be ending IMO. The old technolgy 5.7 is dead they are moving to the 6.0 because there's no more to be had out of it. In fact their remake of the 02 in the form of the GTO which had 350hp also now doesn't meet CAFE ratings and a grand attached to the auto.

    Ford took it on the chin to make a new design for 9 years or so but they are starting to put it together the little 281cc motor NA (Mach) matches the LS1's and the Cobra blow it away. Now they've honed the 5.4 in the lightning and improved it in the Ford GT for the next Gen and have a V10 prototype. Who's behind now? :spot:
  4. Doesn't meet CAFE ratings? Interesting. Where does this come from?
  5. The automatics are $1000.00 more than the Stick car because of the mileage differences.
  6. Thats the ugliest camaro i've ever seen in my life. EEWWWWW

    gimme a 69 Z28, or a 95+ LS1 anyday.

    My cousin has a 95 LS1 Trans Am 6 spd, and a 93 5.0 Mustang 5 speed and there is NO comparison... Its like a Ferrari VS a Chevette, im sorry but its true. You could always look at the prices paid (in canadian) Mustang = 5000, trans am = 15,000 about the same mileage and body condition.

    If chevy comes out with a new camaro im sure it will beat the mustang, im sorry but its the truth, its the way its always been (for the most part) the mustang just happened to appeal to a larger audience. I believe the 2000 Cobra was the only mustang VS camaro comparison that the mustang won since the late 60's??? Im not sure tho.

    I can guarantee you the Mustang will look better then the camaro (if it ever comes out) cause in my opinion chevy really f***ed up on the NSX, err Corvette and their trucks don't even compare to Ford. My opinion is also that the 95 Camaros looked 1000 times better then the 95 mustangs, even the catfish camaros looked good.
  7. Late 80's -early 90's lx 5.0's consistantly whipped comparable z28's and Firebirds.
  8. That a decent looking car. But even if it was done by Chevy. We would be assured they will screw it up. But last I heard Bob Lutz didn't like the retro look. So that alone says there is little chance of that being even a concept. They'd probably just make another geo storm with a V8. Like the last body style.
  9. that car LOOKS AMAZING
    but its fake
    its been around for a while
  10. Platinum...You're high dude! Mustangs had Camaros beat all through the 80's and even the early 90's. They didn't even make a 2000 Cobra. I have driven my fare share of F-bodies and personally I think they suck to drive. Just not comfortable at all.
    The other day I was on the freeway just daily driving my Accord and a new GTO got on it and I wasn't impressed at all! Didn't really seem to take off like I would have expected, and the thing looks terrible!

  11. I think he meant to say 2000 Cobra R.
  12. A 5.0 Mustang torched 80'S 5.0 Camaros!
    Even the 5.7 Camaros werent that much faster than a stock 5.0 up until the mid nineties. If Mustangs would have come stock with 351's then Camaros would have lost every time!
  13. Looks too cartoonish.
  14. :eek:

  15. Quite right.

    I kinda like the pictures of that Camaro. If Chevy ever does bring it back that would be a good place to start.
  16. That Camaro is sweet....I also like the same one in green....but with Anti-Retro-Lutz captaining the ship....it's not going to happen. I wonder if Lutz has any idea that what the people want is NOT what he wants.
  17. I think it's butt ugly at least pick another color...
  18. i was just glad to hear that thing wasnt real. it's so ugly
  19. :eek: