2005 Camaro?

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  1. Well, he did get rid of the cladding on the pontiacs.
    No matter how good they made the camaro, I bet the interior would still suck.
  2. IMO they should bring the Camaro back and start up the rivalry again. Because I'm tired of mustang being compared to imports.
  3. I like it. A little competition is always good.
  4. Looks like ****.
  5. There are deinitely familiar elements in the front end styling. The big cross bar grill seems to be Chevrolet's attempt at brand recogniton. I'm sorry, I don't see a lot of GTO when I look at this.

    This article was posted in road and track about 2 years ago. Well ahead of the GTO.

    It seems to me that GM does the most kicka$$ concept cars. The problem is that either the bean counters kill them off, or, butcher the hell out of them before they hit the street. A good example of this is the Pontiac Aztec. The concept vehicle wasn't too bad. The production version was just embarrasing.
  6. Yow! That's nasty.
  7. okay to clear up all the speculation...anything you see now is not whats comming out..

    the GTO was put out there to test the waters and is a stop gap for the real cars MADE in the USA..there is going to be a redesigned smaller GTO..a RWD Buick..and something for Chevy..hmm wonder what that might be..Hint(camaro)

    so yea in 2007 it will be out..with who knows what engine but some aussie handeling ( the suspension in the GTO makes BMW cringe)..

    in 2007 there will be true american muscle back at GM again..along with a RWD Monte and Impala..

    and dont forget the Solstice.. ;)
  8. Actually, Aside from the funky front end styling, I really like this car. The proportions are more what a proper "pony" car should be.

    Long hood, short rear deck, short overhangs. This is a big departure from the last camaro/trans-am, which looked good, but were ridiculously huge and poorly proportioned IMO.

    The rear wing has a nice swoop to it, not unlike the original 67-69 car.

    The roll down 1/4 window with no b pillar is very cool. I doubt this would make it to production though.

    It's faithfull to the original without being overly retro.

    GM should be able to back it up with a good drivetrain. Loose the pick-up truck front end and I think it would be a winner, assuming they could make it at a profit without charging $30k+ for it.
  9. I don't see a rear wing?
  10. Sorry, the upper portion of the rear fender.
  11. uggggly... almost as nasty as the SSR
  12. read my last post.
  13. um the car is far from amazing...it has a nice stance and thats IT. The front and back of it are VERY ackward. I doubt chevy will relook at the v8 rwd camaro setup again for atleast 4-5 more years. Ford needs to take advantage of this time.

  14. Yea I have to agree with Superstang83 Really Camaro beat the Mustang from 93 on until the last year 2002. Before that Mustang took the crown. I had a 90 Z28 and it had half the power my 90 GT has. But you all have to admit the 2002 Camaro SS is one fast car.
  15. Chevy had absolutely nothing to do with that concept. Some kid did it and sent it to GM. While GM did appluad the kid's efforts, there is no way that is becoming a vehicle. The Camaro has always looked a bit more futuristic and sleek than the mustang, and I expect that to continue. Other than that, I don't know what to expect performance-wise.

  16. Which one are you talking about? There are two of them


    Done by the kid


    That was shown in R&T about 2 years ago. I believe GM did this one.