2005 Colors?

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  1. Has Ford released a list of what colors will be avilable on the 2005 Mustang? Any speculation?
  2. Nothing yet.

    But you can bet that there will be carry over colors from this model year.

    If they are truly going to go retro, then they should have a very wide variety of colors to choose from.
    1965 you could choose from 17 colors
    1966 18 plus 5 special colors
    1967 20 plus 8 special colors
    1968 16 colors
    2000 10 colors

    Also in 1965 you could pay $93 to have you Mustang special ordered in ANY color Ford offered on ANY car.

    All info on this post was taken from the "Mustang Red Book 3rd edition" By Peter Sessler and was published in 2000.
  3. Geez, that's right, they did have a lot more color selection back then, I didn't realize it had dropped off in 68, my 72 Mach1 had several "glow" colors to choose from, my mistake was picking "GoldGlow" (I think that was the name anyway) that was back before clearcoat, and damn was it hard to keep!!
  4. Well with 120 some-odd gauge color choices...It's probably a safe bet you'll have a good # of exterior choices.
  5. I hope so! I just hope that with all these options Ford doesn't put the price of the Mustang at the price of a Vette.
  7. In 1965 my Fastback MSRP'd for $2,639. It was also a special order color so ad $93 for the color. So my car was $2,732.
  8. id need a change a pair of underwear if i could get a car like that for under 2500$!!!!!!11
  9. Yep, it's hard to believe what the prices were, my '68 was stickered at $3300. and my loaded '72 Mach1 was like $4800, damn!!!! For what I paid for my '00, could have bought 8 '68's, or a damn nice house! LOL!
  10. maybe the paint will change along with the gauges lol. it will be possible pretty soon
    useful for cops
  11. Hmmmm I wonder if they are gonna offer that chromashift paint that you can get on the 04 Cobra.I think it's fugly but an intresting option. Just as long as they keep Sonic blue,Torch Red, and bring back Highland Green I think I'll have my hands full picking from just those.

    Too bad you can't get ghost flames from the factory. :)
  12. If they have true blue I'm not sure I will be able to pick anything over it. Highland green would be real nice, also.
  13. I just hope for SCREAMING YELLOW.

  14. i agree with that:) it would make sence to have a variety of exterior colors to personalize it. from reading ford's site and other posts, it's what they seem to be focusing on for the new car.
  15. I think the current mustangs would be slick w/ some other Ford colors than what it comes with... Like the bright metallic blue that the Focus and Windstar have, and the Metallic Seafoam green that Focuses Have, or some Golds, Tans, and that Deep maroon... or the light yellow from the Thunderbird, or that shade of light blue/sea green...

    The new model better have Acapulco Blue, Grabber green and blue (not orange, yuck.. no offense) Highland green, Gulfstream Aqua, Ivy Gold, and some other original colors.... damn they would be sexy..
  16. I for one would like to see some really classic collors surface. What about teal? They could use the paint code off of the new T-bird. THAT is a sexy color and would look amazing on that car! I'm not partial to teal because my car is teal :p I'd also like to see a vintage burgandy color. It's not too much of a streach because they already make one, don't they? I know they're making a special eddition this year that is actually vintage burgandy with champaign colored stripes and parchment interior! It's beautiful. It would be even more beautiful on one of the new ones. :nice:
  17. true blue is definately a must it is such a cool color. A new paint color i have grown very fond of is the new green on the Mazda RX-8 i think it is tundra either way a very hot color would be good on the stangs.
  18. Here is the full list from 1965 to 2000. My Redbook only goes to 2000 so that is all you get.

    But here goes...
    First body style (The original)
    1965 you could choose from 17 colors
    1966 18 plus 5 special colors

    Second body style (Almost the same but bigger)
    1967 20 plus 8 special colors
    1968 16 colors

    3rd body style (Even bigger)
    1969 17 colors

    4th Body Style (Minor redesign)
    1970 16 colors

    5th body style (The big boys)
    1971 16 colors +2 special colors
    1972 16 colors
    1973 16 colors

    6th body style (Mustang II)
    1974 11 colors
    1975 13 colors
    1976 14 colors
    1977 13 colors
    1978 14 colors

    7th body style (Fox four headlight)
    1979 11 colors
    1980 15 colors
    1981 14 colors
    1982 14 colors
    1983 12 colors
    1984 11 colors
    1985 11 colors
    1986 12 colors

    8th body style (Minor revisions to prior Fox)
    1987 12 colors
    1988 11 colors
    1989 11 colors
    1990 11 colors
    1991 10 colors
    1992 11 colors
    1993 9 + 3 (cobra only) colors

    9th body style (SN95 Version 1.0)
    1994 11 colors
    1995 11 colors

    10th body style (SN95 Version 1.1 new tail lights and motor)
    1996 10 + 1 (cobra only)
    1997 10 colors
    1998 12 colors

    11th body style (SN95 Version 2.0)
    1999 11 colors
    2000 10 colors
  19. As long as they make something like Sonic Blue I'll be happy.