2005 Convertible rear window coming off

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  1. It seems the adhesive that holds my rear window to the convertible top is giving out on the left side. Any clude how to fix this or how much the dealership will charge? Anyone else having this problem? 2005 V6 Convertible.
  2. its covered under warranty, if you still have some left. otherwise, get it to an upholstery shop ASAP. if you catch it quickly, they can fix it with some adhesive, otherwise you are looking at a top replacement. Ford had some issues with the earliest convertible tops. I have seen many replaced under warranty. it seems to be isolated to the early tops though. i believe they caught the problem and fixed it pretty early in the run.
  3. Having same problem here but mine has completely seperated. Four months out of warranty and Ford says tough luck! 1600.00 to replace the entire top, it cant be resealed. If anyone is having the same problem would welcome any advice or direction.
  4. my 05 did that after owning it for a month. i heard the top mfg used the wrong
    adhesive. now mine isnt going up or down
  5. My sisters 07 is doing this also, hoping Ford will replace it under warranty.
  6. My daughter's '00 vert back window on pass. side is coming loose from the top. Also, door windows hit top when shutting doors and windows don't seal properly because of this non-fitting issue.
    QUESTION: Is it possible to somehow lower the upper limit switch on the electric windows so they don't wind up quite so far. That would fix the issue I have on the doors. If I could lower this just an eighth of an inch, it would fix it.
    But, I don't know what to do about the back window coming apart from the top.
  7. Hey convertible owners:

    I have an 05 convert with the top separating from the rear window along the bottom of the window, and I went to the auto parts store and bought some 3M brand molding adhesive tape, it comes in little rolls about 3/8 inches wide... it's actually some kind of mastic/adhesive that is normally used to stick on the body side molding....

    that stuff worked great.... kept the ol' top from slapping around in the wind....