2005 Cougar

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  1. Mercury does not have its own styling department. Mercury styling comes out of Ford's design studio.
  2. Mercury is just a name... all their todays cars except marauder have Ford's twin.

    My question is..how do you know there will be Cougar??
  3. Ok I just wanted to let you know that that image of the Cougar is infact photoshopped by me. I am currently working on another angle of it.

    I'm posting a better version of that image from my server.

    Oh and Platnumdevil has hit eveything i've tried to acomplish with this on the nose. I even evisioned it being v-10 powered.


  4. Metadata of this file says it is edited using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, on 11/02/03.
  5. my point is you don't need photoshop to save image, but you indeed need photoshop to make image.
  6. Not even gonna comment on that statement.
  7. Have you actually spent any time reading any of this thread or this forum? Burningman is a photoshop genius. I am pretty sure he does not need you telling him how to save one of his own creations.

    Carry on :nonono:
  8. Thank you Tyler...and I'll forgive you for the mangling of my handle ;o)

    If you like I have another view with some mods to the original design.
    You can see it here.
  9. But I am the Moderator, I can make it all better :D
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    You da man! ;o)
  11. I used to work for a company who was head quartered out of Burmingham Alabama, every time I see your handle, I suffer from cranial flatulance and think about my old job.

    Sorry. I made it better though. :nice:
  12. HAHHA no worries mate!
  13. Where are you from Burningman? I work with a guy who is from London, he says the exact same thing to me all the time. That and "Bob's your uncle". I still haven'r figured out WTF that is supposed to mean.
  14. Originally Jersey..now Florida ;o)
    Bet you were thinking Aussie lol

    I just like the No worries Mate..been using it for ever now.

    "Bobs your uncle" is a common brit saying that means "there ya go" =o)

    where it came from and how they knew bob was my uncle I'll never know =o)
  15. I want you to put in an application to the Ford/Mercury design studio :flag:

    Im in love with your creation, in a very non-gay way. If Mercury doesn't hire you before they put out the "new Cougar" then maybe ill just get my dad to buy a 05 mustang and mod the hell out of it till it looks like that :nice:

    Now from an artistic stand point:
    Nice work, you have some photoshop skills, I too have been messing around in photoshop for the last couple of years and theres nothin better to work on then cars. :D
  16. More cougar shots
    Slightly updated design


  17. I like the side very very much. The 3/4 is just slightly off for me. Because of the shape of the turn signal. But otherwise extremely nice on both accounts. Now does anyone have side views of the 05 mustang?
  18. unfortunately it seems the days of big blocks and hood scoops has come and gone. society has shifted to wanting sporty compact coupes to put little becky and tommy in or huge a$$ suv's that they dont need. not saying everyone in an suv doesnt need one, but i work on too many suburbans driven by a five foot tall woman with no kids. the desire for power and performance has been relegated to a select group. where 300hp was once the norm it is now the exception. there simply isnt enough of a marketshare for 10 different musclecars. I think if chevy comes out with the a camaro similar to the one floating around the net, then it would do well. i know i would buy one. and a charger/barracuda with the current hemi and aggressive styling might sell. the mustang has remained popular because it has remained appealign to the masses. good power, but not too much parents wont put their daughters in them. nice styling, which could be modified from stock to more aggressive looks. modern interior, comfortable. the f body killed itself by moving from the center. very aggressive styling which screamed speed and power. cramped interior too low to the ground. very poor build quality( which i hate to say cause i love the T/A's ), very high insurance. The f body moved to the extreme end of the spectrum, and fell off because of it. that is why the new mustang will do so well from what i am looking at. The car is georgeous, and can be made to look very mean with a hood and wheel shange. The new engine looks real promising, but not so powerful out of the box that it cant be tamed. The new interior looks great. It will appeal to young kids, male and female(V6). Graduates from college or workers(GT), parents will identify with the car from their youth. And those who want serious power and performance will have the Cobra in mind. It appeals to a very wide spectrum, not just those who want a very fast car. Thats what sells. And thats why the Mustang has endured.
  19. I think you may see a revival in desire for power. Look at even the sedate little econobox cars. They are steadily growing in power and the cars above them are increasing in power as well. While I think you are right things won't be as big as the 60s but I think in a few years we will see a much larger market than you expect for power but it'll be in many forms.