2005 Cougar

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  1. Is that Burningman from Burmingham? LOL :lol:

    Actually, I think the pic of the Cougar reminds me some of those old '70's "Cuda's"
  2. I have news for you guys! I own the last body style Cougar and I was very sad to see it go. At the last trip to the dealer, which was when it was just discontinued, the manager said that it would be coming back out and it would be rear wheel, off the Mustang platform when the new one came out. It looks sweet, I will have to pick one of those babies up it looks like that!
  3. In one way the Cougar could be the instant response to the GTO.
  4. Did I hear you right? The dealer told you that there will be another NEW Cougar coming out on the new 2005 Mustang Platform? And that it will be REAR WHEEL DRIVE? Is this TRUE? I hope that this happens. Ron Jeremy here cannot wait to buy one for his woman. Yeah Baby. There's nothing like my overcraved girls driving a Cougar and picking me up from the studios here in Burbank, California after I get off from a long day of work. Ron Jeremy will be the 1st to buy a rear wheel drive Cougar if Mercury manufacturers one. Yeah Baby! :nice:
  5. Mr Hyatt: I trust car salesmen about as far as I could toss a Buick! They try to impress you by telling you something like that just so you will remember them and maybe come back to them thinking they have an inside scoop. I remember the @$%& I got told about the new Mustang when I was car shopping last year.
  6. At last year's Lincoln-Mercury dealer's meeting, Ford told the dealers that they were planning on coming out with a new Cougar that was based off the 2005 Mustang. Whether it really happens or not is another question, but the dealers were told a new Cougar was in the works, so they are not making up BS on this.
  7. Which is about as much as you trust spy shots. :D :rlaugh:
  8. Idea for 2006 Cougar based on new Mustang

    Here is an idea for a new Cougar base on the new Mustang. I started with a pic of the 2005 Mustang. I cut and pasted front and rear ends and side scoops of the Messenger. Then used the the rear part of the roofline roofline that resembles the ’69-’70 Cougar, and the side quarter panel windows that resembles '87-’88 Cougar. Just an idea.

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  9. What am i? Chopped liver?
  10. So, would a heavier more luxo cougar be a GTO competitor?
  11. So does anyone have any recent updates regarding a Production version of the Mercury Messenger/Cougar?
  12. that photochopped cougar looks worlds better than the new mustang.

    except the side exhaust (everyone's gotta have something to **** over)
  13. Personally, I'd rather have the Mercury Messenger/Cougar than a new mustang because everyone and there mother has a Mustang in FL. I'd like to be a little different. Not to mention that messenger is one sexy car...I actually had a female friend call it "sex on wheels" when I showed her a picture of it....I loved it before she said it...now I'm determined to get one if it comes out...haha

  14. Its a shame that mercury made the messanger to tell people "heh we are here to stay" and yet they arent going to produce it. HMMMM message received loud and clear right there.

    All that aside I always liked the way the messanger concept looked and would buy it over a normal Mustang. Rarity would definately be a factor but also for the fact it just looks sexier. :shrug:
  15. Well said BrokeCobra....

    The Messenger is far better looking and would be more rare than the mustang. The main reasons why I would buy one...

    I fail to understand why it has even taken this long for them to decide to make a production version....They might as well flush money down the toilet. And I can say with the utmost certainty that there is no other Mercury vehicle that has come close to even getting a seconds worth of my attention.
  16. Man I've looked and looked on the net for something about this supposed Cougar. I can't find s hit on it.

    Does anybody have a link?

  17. I would love to see a new Cougar! IMO it should come with a bit more powerful engine than the Mustang GT and of course loaded with options standard. My brother has a 97 30th anniversary Cougar and with the 2v 4.6 it actually has pretty good getup despite its girth, but a new Cougar should be designed as the origanls were as an upscale sport coupe alternative to compete with entry level luxo marks (Jaguar being the Cougar's original target). I think today it would be a perfect price point and performance competitor to the Infiniti G35 or the upcoming redesigned Lexus IS300 (which will soon be getting a coupe version and optional V8), It also looks as though Buick will soon have a performance coupe on the new Zeta platform in 06 or 07 that is aimed squarley at the G35 and IS, what more reason does Ford need. I can't think of a better flagship for the restructuring of Mercury into a direct competitor with the likes of Lexus, Infiniti, and the new Buick.
  18. That's a sick concept pic! It would be sweet to see the cat come back as a V8 rear-wheel drive vehicle again. Even a Eliminator version for extra muscle would be cool. Ofcourse it would be nice if the U.S. could get the Falcon that those bloody aussies get too!
  19. Man that thing looks cool as h ell.

    Thanks for the pic,