2005 Coupe Bumpy Ride

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by stangstooge, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. My 2005 V6 coupe has an annoying bumpy ride on almost any road surface. Replaced struts and shocks with KYB, front wheel bearings, front lower control arms. I have front and reat GT sway bars, upgraded 18 inch wheels with BFG rubber. Springs are still stock. What is causing this bumpy ride??
  2. How many miles on the car?

    My initial thought was the shocks/struts may not be correct for the model and weight of the car, like is GT struts/shocks were installed on a V6. Since the V6 weighs less, the shocks/struts would not need to be as "stiff".