2005 crank but wont start! have fuel and spark


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Mar 15, 2018
first of all thanks to all that try and help this is going to be a long one in hopes that i explaine this issue well and get any help because after 2 months im at a complete loss..

so long story short i swapped everything form my 2005 gt 5 speed manual to my 77 f100. i used the stock wiring harness with little to no modifications(just modified the door harnesses) i installed the fuel pump(only the pump that pumps to the engine and not the other pump on the other side of the tank) in a fuel cell even used the mustangs fuel lines, and filter, got rid of the evap system, swapped the rear end onto the truck and abs system, A/C system the car ran perfect before the swap. all exhaust sensors are connected except the front one on the passenger side my exhaust guy didnt weld the piece to screw it on.

other mods: comp cams mutha thumper stage 2 with lockouts, 4:10 gears, K&N filter, shortie headers,

i still have the doner car which i swapped all the parts from a wrecked mustang (full harness, engine, auto trans, computer, etc) and is running well no issues so i have working parts to test on the truck if needed
iv swapped parts between cars:
iv already swapped in new spark plugs(which are flooding) tested them and they have spark when i crank it -didnt help
iv swapped swapped the pressure sensor? on the fuel rails -didnt help
i swapped the fuel pump module? inside the trunk -didnt help
i made sure the switch by the driver foot well wasnt tripped
i disconnected the fuel line at the pump and primed it and there was a huge fuel fountain so it has lots of pressure -didnt help
i visually checked all the fuses and they all looked good -didnt help
swapped the relays around - didnt help
i have a tuner and put it back to stock tune -no help
i had bama disable PATS on my tune and no help (someone also told me they cant disable PATS over the phone when i called so im not sure if im being lied to when they say its disabled)
there was also an aftermarket alarm and there was a green wire cut and split to a module (under the dash passenger side) which i removed and reconnected the green wire together which enabled me to crank the truck im guessing its a wire for the starter
all the grounds are grounded on to clean bare metal;
these are the grounds i checked ill type them in where they go on the stangs
passenger side shock tower
passenger side engine block ground
2 on passenger side radiator support
driver side firewall
under dash passenger side
under dash driver side
and of coarse the 2 rear harness grounds in the trunk

i started the truck a few times when it came back from the exhaust shop, ran rough and died but if i gave it some gas it would stay on till i let it try and idle, now it wont even try to start just cranks and cranks.
i removed the plugs and they were drenched in fuel left them out to air dry and blew compressed air into the cylinders to try and help the fuel dry out faster 30 min later i put the plugs back in and tried to crank it and nothing. visually checked all the fueses again and they all look good.

ill add that i removed the ignition switch completely and installed a push start button with a transponder thats why i had the PATS disabled, BUT i left the key zip tied and tapped to the PATS transceiver just in case,

theres 6 wires that go to the plug for the ignition switch, the instructions that were horrible only use 4 of them so i didnt use the other two and looked endlessly for a diagram so i could find out what those 2 wires not being used are for but i didn't find anything at all any help here would be a ton of help too

i hope i explained myself good here and any help would be appreciated i need this truck running! i have a saleen supercharger on my bench waiting to be installed but i dont wana touch it till i can get this baby running well first!

ill add some pictures so you guys can get an idea of the project
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