2005 GT, $15800, Deal/no Deal??

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  1. Well, got no love in the newbie section so posting here...need to decide this weekend and looking for opinions on the value, so far I've only been able to get him down from $16500. Also a little concerned that its the 1st year of the redesign, which had been trouble in my experience. Any advice fellas?

    2005 Silver/charcoal/auto GT Premium
    24800 miles "wife" car been sitting in the garage most of it's life and is bone stock...still has original tires! It's cherry, practically flawless

    Grab it? Or live to shop another day?

    Help! Tim
    Ledhed, Today at
  2. If it sets off all your buttons and the CarFax is clear on it, grab it. KBB.com shows 2005 GT Premium (I assumed automatic because it's "the wife's car") being worth about $20K if buying from a private seller.
  3. Sounds right to me as well. I assumed it was an auto because OP said it was an auto :jester:
  4. Wow low miles.
  5. A guy near me was selling a 2007 GT Premium Convertible with 5,700 miles on it for $19.5k. I went to see it this afternoon. It was immaculate. Someone else bought it this morning.

    I wouldn't worry about first year issues. My parents have a 2005 GT, and it as had zero problems.