Expired 2005 Gt Convertible - 24,300 Miles - $17,000

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Oct 6, 2012
To view the eBay listing, please go to the eBay website at eBay.com and enter item number 170921533942 in the search box at the top of the eBay home page.

I am selling my beloved 2005 Mustang GT Premium convertible. It is mineral grey with a crimson red leather interior. It has approximately 24,300 miles on it.

The car is in great shape. It belonged to my father until he could no longer drive it and sold it to me in 2008 with about 7,500 miles on it. Since then, I have only driven it from April to October. It has been well cared for. There are several minor dings and two scratches on the rear passenger quarter panel. (I will include touch-up paint and clear coat.) I replaced the HVAC control head on 7/15/11 because the fan was only blowing on one speed. I also had the front driver's seat and convertible top refinished on 8/8/11 by On the Spot, a local leather repair company who does all the work in the area. Finally, I replaced the battery on 3/15/11 after it discharged while stored for the winter. There have been no other mechanical problems.

A few years back, I had a Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD installed. It sounds great and plays DVDs, CDs, and any type of digital player (USB). I also replaced the original antenna with a shorter one. These are the only modifications I have made to the car. I will include the original Shaker 6-CD stereo.

There are several minor rock chips on the hood, as befits a seven-year-old car. There are two light surface scratches on the rear quarter panel. The lever on the passenger seatback that moves the seatback forward snapped off, but the seatback can easily be moved forward by using the lever on the seat itself.

IMPORTANT: About six months ago, I discovered that the car had developed a water leak on the passenger's side. I had all of the carpets replaced (total cost: $950). (I did have to cut some of the foam padding out from underneath the passenger's side carpet because it was mildewed.) I then took it in to my local Ford dealership, and they performed the fix listed in the TSB (08-26-7).

Two trips to the dealership fixed the leak for the most part, but I noticed a few weeks ago that there is still water coming in only after a HEAVY rain. (On that particular day, I pulled up the carpet, ran the A/C, dried everything out, and have had the car covered since.) Another fellow on one of Mustang forums had a similar leak and was able to fix it at his local dealership. I simply don't have the time to do the same, so, for now, the car is covered and is not being driven except on a beautiful, sunny day (like today!) This is how he described the problem in his forum post:

Under the A-pillar, there is a body seam filled with a very weak (paper maché like) sealant that is peeling away...[T]he sealant here is flimsy and looks like it has been damaged forever. At the top, a pocket formed from water running down over it and then a hole formed with the pocket acting like a scoop and catching water and directing it into the car...

Despite the leak, I have witnessed no known issues with the electrics. There is no smell of mold or mildew in the car, which will nonetheless remain covered until buyer picks it up. However, because of the fact that whoever buys it will have to fix the leak, I will be more flexible with the price. As a result, the car is sold "as-is."

The KBB private-party value for this car in "very good" condition is $20,106. The gentleman who had to do the leak fix above paid $1,100 for it, so let's round up to $1,500. I am also willing to drop the price an additional $1,500 so that you can replace the carpet liners again if you want to. (Again, there is no mold/mildew growth that I can smell.) That's how I've arrived at the $17,000 price.

If you are interested or have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to provide additional photographs or information. You can see a photo gallery here.

I wish I could keep it, but I'm neither a mechanic nor a tinkerer, and I just don't have the time to fix it, love it, and drive it as much as I used to!

Other information:

-Clean CT title
-Passes CT emissions test (last tested 4/16/11)
-Last service 4/6/12
-All receipts available
-Never driven in snow, sleet, ice...
-I will include the convertible boot cover ($115) and the car cover

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