2005 GT Eleanor Kit

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  1. Whats the ETA on completion? It been almost a month now?
  2. its probably gonna take more than a month since its probably the first kit made, so it has to be test fit a bunch of times then refit, and finally painted

  3. wow, almost word for word on my response.
  4. Here's a sketch of the body kit incase some have not seen it yet.


  5. perhaps you haven't read the thread...
    The kit i'm getting is NOT made by cervini. the kit i'm getting is hand made by Kaenan Products.

    not cervini's poopjunk! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

    my kit is actually going to be a well crafted high quality kit.
  6. :doh:
    I didn't know what company's body kit the sketch was based off of. It's the only one I've seen.
    So, I posted it because I didn't think everyone would have seen it, yet.
  7. it's all good. I was just giving you crap. Kaenan Products kit is going to be 100times better than cervini's crap.

  8. Excited to see the pics!

    (I should probably get out more)
  9. any idea on what the price will be for either kit?
  10. 05 Eleanor kit is Sweet:hail2:
  11. Just wondering...is that a Cervini kit you're having installed?

  12. um, no, it's not... but thanks for asking. :notnice:
  13. so do you have a concept sketch of the final outcome and has kaenan made kits for sn95 mustangs
  14. sounds great, and greats as how many people read your origonal post. Will there be any issues with all the molding and making gobs of twq? (I hope you plan F/I)
  15. Hows about the 05 from www.3dcarbon.com, seen it on mustangworld.com looks Damn Good:nice:
  16. I knew that...sometimes I tend to be a smart [email protected]&. I only asked because he had emphasized so clearly on the first page that it wasn't. Sorry...... :doh:
  17. the 3dcarbon mustang looks awesome. need to see some pics of the eleanor kit man.