2005 GT ET's?

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  1. Hey, does anyone have any guesses to what kind of et's or 0-60mph times we should be seeing from these things? I read in Motor Trend that it should do 0-60 in 5.2 and the 1/4 mi. in 13.9. If the current GT's are running 14 sec 1/4's i would think that we should see better times than this :shrug: . What does everyone think?
  2. I agree. With the improved weight balance it should be quicker off the line. With a good driver I think we'll see about 13.7 times.
  3. Yeah, i believe the current gts have a 57/43% distribtion compared to the 2005's 52/48. I think the autos should be considerably faster too because of the lower gears in the new 5 speed trans. Maybe they will even aproach 14 flat compared to something like 14.4 for the current ones? Does anyone have any real #'s for the 03's, i cant seem to find where it was i saw their times.
  4. 13.7? when stock 99-04GTs are running 13.9's or better? I say professionally driven 13.4 or so. Were talking about atleast 30 more rwhp and torque to back it up.

  5. 30? More like 40 :D
    I'm betting mid 13s on average with a great driver dropping it to low low 13s.
    And if a magazine is GUESSING 13.9 I think those numbers might be accurate.
  6. I am about as big of a mustang supporter as there is, and as much as i want to believe that the 99-04 gts run a 13.9 or better 1/4 mile, i just dont think its true, not for a bone stock gt anyway. I have heard rumors of this, but ive never seen any proof of it. But if u have some real #'s i'd love to see them being i have 01 gt vert. Also the Mach's with the same gear ratios and nearly the same hp/tq as the 05's only run 13.4 stock and i have a feeling that their hp/tp curve is much more level than the 05's will be so i dont think that the 05's can match that.
  7. Omega, what kirkyg said was "Were talking about atleast 30 more rwhp and torque to back it up." the 05 will have 40 more hp and 15 more ft/lbs at the crank, which if u figure in a reasonable 15% loss through the drivetrain, gives u 34 more rwhp and 12.75 more ft/lbs at the wheels.
  8. 13.9 has been acheived with fairly good consistancy. I ran a 14 flat first time ever to be at the track. I did not push my car quite to its limits. My 60 ft. was 2.16 which can be improved upon as well as humidity was 95% and temperatures were not very cool. 13.9 with perfect driving could have DEFINITELY been acheived by my car bone stock.

    Another thing to note is in most of fords vehicles now a days the higher hp vehicles atleast are being slightly underrated. I would not be surprised if the new stang will put out more like 315-320 flywheel hp.

  9. I have WITNESSED a 2002 GT, 5spd, with nothing but a K&N drop in filter run a 13.8...

    I also ran my old 2002 GT, AUTOMATIC with an OFFROAD H pipe + KN and hit 14[email protected]
  10. Wow, thats an awesome time for just droppin in a K&N. Maybe its just one of those FF's or somethin?
  11. there are multitudes of stock 99-04 GTs that have gotten sub 14 sec times. it is not unusual at all. I am sure someone will eventually post a time slip. there is a huge difference between 13.4 and 13.9 time btw. a 1/2 second is a long time and it just grows exponentially the further down you go...
  12. No. Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords took a bone-stock 2003 GT, and ran a 13.7.

  13. NO, read the article. That car was not bone stock.
  14. Its easy to say it wasn't...since you know so much about it what modifications were done to the mustang?

  15. I watched a 2002 GT Auto go 13.66, then 13.67! Stock as a rock except for Magnaflow mufflers (welded in). The next weekend he went 13.77 at a different track. Since then I have not seen him go better than 14.0xx.
  16. The best test that I have seen of a BONE STOCK Mustang GT was in 5.0 Mag.

    They took a good driver and ran multiple passes with a truely BONE STOCK 2002 GT Coupe. The times they got were:

    14.986 @ 94.47
    14.557 @ 97.09
    14.684 @ 96.42
    14.450 @ 97.82
    14.218 @ 98.06

    Then they started modding the car: They disconnected the front sway bar, removed the spare tire & jack, removed the air intake filter housing (& silencer), pumped the front tires up to 46 PSI and iced the intake manifold:

    13.960 @ 99.02
    13.721 @ 101.8

    So you are not going to see 13's on a bone stock 99 - 04 unless you have a big tail wind.
  17. I'll go get the article tomorrow. From what I remember the sway bar was taken out, the intake was iced down for over an hour before the 13.7 run and the front tires had around 40psi in them ad afew other things were done.
    Like I said, I'll post the exact info later....but I don't recall an ice bag option or sway bar delete option on any 03 at my local dealership.

    P.S.- Obviously it all comes down to what you mean when you say "bone stock". I think saying an 03 GT goes 13.7 "bone stock" is just misleading becasue even MM&FF couldn't pull it outta the show room and do it, they had to prep the car. Of course some people may disagree with me.
  18. I ran a 14.0 @ 99.5 with 0 track experience first time out with my bone stock car. You can say whatever you want but my car was easily capable of a 13.95 or 13.9 + the weather was humid and not very cool.

  19. The car in MM&FF ran over 101 mph in addition to running 13,7x. That mph shows what the weight reduction, super cold/ iced down intake and less rolling resistance (from 40 psi in the front tires), and evan smith's driving all come into play.
  20. Since we won't agree on a 1/4mi. time, how about we guess "how much" faster it will be.

    I bet the '05 will be .2-.3 sec. quicker in the 1/4mi than the '99-'04