2005 GT Motor Pics, 3-Valve

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by StevenGT-02, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Nice, twin tb. Too bad they're still using a plastic intake, though.
  2. Looks like a chevy intake design to me, Ive always wondered about airflow distribition differences with the t.b. being so far in front of the intake??

    I know alot of intakes are designed this way in the industry but alot aren't :shrug:
  3. interesting

    Very interesting, it does look differnat much the valve covers the intake, the throttle body is in front now, Im interested and what the power rating will be.
  4. I can't wait to see someone get their hands on one of these. I'd really be interested to see what it would take to do a headswap on a 2V car, if it's going to be possible. :shrug:
  5. It will always amazes me how big the 4.6 looks!!

  6. It all has to do with how much hood clearence you have, how much space you have in the V, how much room you have for the air snorkel, and the angle you need to hit the intake ports at.
  7. It looks mean!! I like it!

  8. No horse on the intake :(

  9. I care more about the horses underneath it.
  10. :stupid:

    I'm hoping this headswap and intake can swap with current 2v's
  11. Looks cool.
  12. crap!!! i think Vortech is going to have to redesign their s/c bracket and use a S-trim pointing the opposite way for the 3V's. that means no 3V swap for me.:(
  13. THere was a guy on the corral awhile back saying he put the aus verion on his car. Apparently the heads are swappable, but you'll need the computer and wiring harness too because the VVT is contolled by a computer actuatted oil thingie.
  14. I agree it looks a LOT like the ls1 ( hmm gets me wondering )

    It works being in front the best because all the air-pressure inside pushes it evenly to each cylinder. I asked the same question yesterday to my shop guy. It's also ideal for ram-air kits :D now they need to make an intake setup like that for us 99-04s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. didn't one of the stang mags already do a motor swap. :shrug: these 3V motors are already in the trucks.