2005 GT or 2006 Cobra?

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  1. First I must say I really like the new 'stang. The hard desision is weither to buy one of the new GTs or put the money away for another year and get a Cobra. Any one else having the same question? Any ideas what the cost of the GT will be, and guesses on the cost of the 2006 Cobra?
  2. Wait for the Cobra ......

    Same dilemma but I have decided to wait for the Cobra . I know I would regret it if I didn't wait so I will just have to keep the 01 for a little longer
  3. I will wait until the 2006 Cobra comes out. I really want to buy the Cobra this time around. I will wait 1 to 1 1/2 years after the new Cobra comes out before I buy one. I want Ford to be able to get all the bugs out of the first year's model Cobra as well as to wait until Ford has good deals on it. I will keep my 2001 Mustang GT even if I buy the 2007/2008 Cobra. I might trade-in my 2002 V6 Mustang for the Cobra. We will have to see.
  4. The Cobra certainly sounds like it might be worth waiting for, but at this point I'm not so sure I will. If they do a carryover of the current powertrain, and keep it in the ~400 bhp range, then I wouldn't expect a major change in the price. If that happens, I will definitely wait for the Cobra. If, however, Ford decides to really compete with the Vette, including in price, I will probably just get a GT. There are upper limits to how much I will spend on any car, and I don't see myself blowing over $35k on a car any time in the next few years.

    I am hoping we will have more solid numbers on the 2006 Cobra not too long after the GT's go on sale. If I get a GT, it will likely be one year from now, when the prices start to come down a little :D.

  5. i think waiting is probably your best bet. there might end up being a lot of recalls in the first year because this is an entirely new design which will need some real miles on it to know how well it will hold up.
  6. well since, i can afford a new car untill 06 ill have to wait and get the cobra, i just hope it isnt a irs car or there is a choice. i like to drag race:)
  7. :nice: I agree with Hairy. I just got my Car & Driver today and the article implies that the Cobra will be compared to the M3. I think this will put it out of my reach and well above the current price of the Cobra, but that's just my opinion.

    I can't wait to see what Ford will do in the 2nd production year, I would love to see a Mach or Boss.

    Been lot's of news recently and it's gonna be a long wait until '06...gotta be strong and resist the urge for the new one. It's tough to fight off the bug once it's bitten. :banana:
  8. Right now I have a GT. The only way to go now would be a Cobra. Whether or not its affordable in 06 is another story. I'll probably mod the GT not to excessively for now. If I can't swing it probably get a 04 in competition orange. But really don't want to buy that type of car used.:(
  9. Cobra (as long as it is around the current price)

    if not I'll go with a '06 Lightning or Ram Air GTO (hopfully it will have the LS2 by then)

    I won't buy a new Mustang unless it is at least 350HP, so looks like I'll be waiting until '06
  10. Cobra all the way :nice: 300 hp is not enough these days (especially for a V8). I will wait until the bugs are worked out of the first year Cobra, so probably looking at 2007. I really like the new look but I'm dissappointed with the HP numbers, a lot of V6 engines are approaching the 300 hp level.
  11. Well, my last Stang was a GT and I always resented the fact that it was not a Cobra so I will not go that route again. If the Cobra is reasonable, that is the route I will go, but will most likely have to be happy with a "special edition" model (i.e. Boss, Bullitt, Shelby, etc.).
  12. Very well put......300HP these days for a 2005 V8 muscle car is a sure way to see a face full of taillights more often than you would like....
  13. Any idea where the 2006 Cobra is going to come in HP wise?
  14. As most have stated, I'm looking forward to a 2006 Cobra UNLESS the price has gotten out of hand.

    If the Cobra is too expensive, then I'll get either an 05/06 GT coupe or vert. My wife supports the Cobra, thank God! I may lease whichever car I get, so mods won't be an option. Just not sure what to do with the 94 GT as I only have a 2-car garage and I'd hate to see it just sit outside not being used (it's always in the garage now when not in use). The fact that the new style has more major visual references to the 60's stangs than my 94 is probably enough reason to look forward to another stang. My first stang was an '83, so may it's time to part with this one and move on.

    Cobra power will probably be a tad more than 2003, like around 400 - 410hp. Remember, the Cobra will have the new bodystyle as a major change and probably offer (as in the past) a different hood, suspension, and wheel/tire combo. I would really think that the Cobra would not see a major HP or even moderate boost until 2008. Remember, Ford is going to rely on the new bodystyle for a couple years to generate sales, before adjusting thier prized pony. Also, special models will probably roll out too that will offer performance between the GT and Cobra. It's what they've done in the past AND it has worked quite well. That's my guess.
  15. True 300HP just isnt enough these days, but a few mods will easily help that. If I had the money now I dont think I could wait for a 2006/07 Cobra. I'd get antsy and go for a 2005 GT.

    However I doubt the Cobra will stay in the 400 HP territory. IMO Ford is looking 450-500HP. I doubt it will keep the 4v 4.6...I think Ford has bigger plans for the Cobra (3v S/C'ed 5.4)

    But if they take that route the Price will most definately come up considerably. Especially once you add in the suspension, irs, 6-speed, rims/tires, body mods...

    It might not be that bad an idea to keep the 4v S/C'ed 4.6 in the Cobra as long as there is a power increase. Whatever route Ford takes I can see this car being on the hefty side (3700+lbs :shrug: ) I just hope a solid rear axle is an option (complete with 31 splines and an eaton diff) :banana:
  16. Ford said it will be near 500HP. So, I would guess at least 450. I also think that means it will easily be over $40K and close to Vette pricing. We'll see.

  17. My take on the entire issue

    I think Mustang owners are going to be in for a shock.

    They are all expecting the same kind of Cobra that they have always had. Basically a sup'ed up GT. Ford has *stongly* hinted in articles in this month's CnD, MT and at the IAS that this is not going to be the case.

    Look at Ford's strategy.

    They release a *300hp* GT with superior new chassis for 5K less than the current Mach1. Why? Because they know die-hard performance fans usually run to the Cobra for gnarly power and performance. It is only 10k more than a GT afterall.

    [my theory begins...]

    Buyers are not going to be able to do that THIS TIME. (in '06 when the Cobra comes out)

    I think Ford is going to do what it has not been able to do on the old FOX platform. Once and for all make *their* Z06, *their* Viper. I think it's going to cost 45K-50K. Way out of most Stanger's league. Even traditional Cobra buyers

    Now they couldn't do that and just release a GT with only 270-290 HP. The GT is going to have to fill a serious gap now. It is why why Ford made the decision to put the solid axle back in; back in March of 2002. They knew that this was going to be the Stang that 80% of the V8 buyers/tuners out there are going to buy. Because it's affordable as always.

    Jumping to the Cobra will soon not be so easy. And Ford has hinted strongly it will be a driver's car. Not a 1/4 demon. Although it will be smoking fast, the focus will be on the entire car and creating something that can compete with the upper echelon. They mention BMW M3 many times in CnD.

    Things like truly distinct styling inside and out. Full IRS and possibly an improved front IS. Stability control systems and gianto 4 piston brakes, 500hp, etc.

    Ford would piss off many Stanger's if they were told they have to pay 20K more to get the "real" Stang. IF they only had a marginally improved GT. Luckily they don't. They have a very stout 300HP, solid rear GT to play with. I think it's a good strategy.

    They are making attempts to further separate the Cobra in to a truly unique class. SVT manager himself said that Ford's goal is to make the SVT line a truly unique, high class division. You can find that article on this site.

    It all makes sense I think. 'Bout time too! Question is will the buying public cross shop the Cobra with Vipers, M3s and C6 Vettes? Not now they wouldn't. But now that Ford has a platform that can do it...maybe. Hell they sold every GT40 they made. They know people will spend big money on Fords. That is, IF it truly delivers on the quality and performance.

    Finally....it is no longer rumor that Shelby and Ford will be working together. I would dare to guess that the new Cobra will be a GT500 or something akin to that from the get-go. No "plain" Cobra at all. I know it's a long shot but it would be one hell of a way to break in to the market the way Ford wants. The name alone could strongly justify buyer confidnece in the new price and category Ford wants to put the SVT line in.
  18. I think that they will create a new Shelby Cobra, they progressed from the 350 to the 500, so perhaps an 800 or something will be made, and they could use the concept taillights from the stang cuz they looked like the old thunderbird lights they used on the gt500
  19. Could we see a 2006 Mach1 or similar special edition mustang with the 4v S/C 4.6? If the Cobra does go ultra expensive, then Ford will have to put out a special edition stang to fill the large gap between the GT and Cobra. That's been the typical financial strategy so far (roughly) with the Mach1 and Bullitt.

    If the Cobra passes the $40K mark, then I sure hope I can count on a special edition stang coming out around that time. Otherwise, the 2005 GT will be replacing my 94 instead. I'm not going to wait too long.

    Sound possible?
  20. I'm betting that we'll see an SVT Mustang in 2006 that will be near the same price as the current model, certainly not much (if any) more. Ford is already playing with fire making the Cobra so expensive -- they didn't exactly sell all the 2003 Cobras very well, or anywhere near MSRP. I don't think there's a market at this point for a really upscale Mustang. Chevy doesn't even try -- the Corvette is completely different from the Camaro. Ford should keep the Mustang in the market segment it has shown success in, and if they want a Corvette-killer, create something new (i.e. Daisy).