2005 GT or 2006 Cobra?

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  1. What I am seeing in our future is one where Ford produces the Shebly Cobra concept (and I think they should, its an awesome car) that becomes their long awaited Vette, Viper, M3, *ahem* everything killer with its acclaimed 600HP plus purpose built V10.

    Then the next Mustang Cobra will see a jump in power, less than 500, but greater than the current model level.

    Then of course they will have a special model, Boss, etc. to fill the gap between GT, Mustang Cobra, and Shelby Cobra. Just MHO.

    P.S. - For those saying the 300 ponies in the GT isnt enough consider the following:
    -Most if not ALL of the cars approaching that with their V6's have less torque then that in the GT.
    -Most if not ALL of those cars are heavier than the GT.
    -Most if not ALL of those cars are front wheel drive (a.k.a. NOT good performance wise).

    There are some expections: Lancer Evo, WRX STi, and to a lesser degree the new GTO, but they aren't anything a few mods on a nice 3-valve V8 can't fix!

  2. Speaking of 2003 Cobra sales being less than expected:

    I noticed on the SVT website that Ford was offering special financing and incentives on all 2003 Mach 1's and all 2003 SVT Cobras. Starting percentage rate was 1.9% and up to $1,500 cash back (there abouts). Maybe I'm wrong, but every commercial I've seen for the Mustang ALWAYS mentions that special financing does not apply to SVT vehicles. This is the first time I've seen for do this, so maybe the 2006 Cobra drivetrain won't be too far off from the 2003. Plus, Ford knows people will still go nuts over the Cobra due to the new bodystyle, even if not a single HP is added. The Cobra should be better for many reasons because of the new skin and platform which makes it a "different" car.

    Since viewing the SVT advertisement, I don't think Ford is going to wild at all with the snake in 06.

    Should be interesting to see, though. No matter what, they'll do the right thing with the Cobra and improve it in years to come.
  3. It took me being 30 years old, actually making decent money, getting married and buying a house to realize that.... now that I can afford it, I cant afford a 35k car..if that makes sense :) Ill stick with my 93 coupe, lol.

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