2005 GT-R Concept Article

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by MRaburn, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. now you need to get the hi res pics of the gt-r. oh and when i click on the gallery link it promps me to download something. Just thought i would let you know about the bad link.
  2. Yea, had to wait until I got home to put the gallery up. It is now active, the server freaked and did some code to fix the download pop up.

  3. Omg...insanity. I was thinking rice when I first looked at it but when I realized it was legit Ford Racing stuff...I just started drooling :hail2:

    I hope it beats everything on the track :nice:
  4. i saw it yesterday at the Ny auto show. i have some pics up in the 5.0 talk forum later tonight (4/13). come check em out
  5. Looks pretty Hot

    I like the GT-R concept. Very muscluar. It ought to scare the rest of the cars off the track. I am glad to see Ford isn't about to water down our favorite pony.
  6. I love it, everything but the spoiler. The car looks fly, looks very good, love the convertion of the tail lights and there's a beast under the hood. We can see what will be possible with the 2005 + stangs, witch I'm probably gonna get. :nice: