2005 GT vs 03/04 Mach 1

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  1. Well, I doubt the GT will be underrated that much, as much as the Mach anyway. The new GT is a bit heavier. The new GT also doesn't look as aerodynamic as the current stangs. Stock rubber is slightly larger on the current ones (unless you get the 18 inchers, but those are too big for me). I'm sure you'll find examples of each beating the other, but I think the Mach will end up as the slightly faster car.

    Just for comparisons... a stock Mach 1 ran a [email protected] about a month ago. I can't see the new GT doing that.
  2. It comes back again to the suspension problem. I don't think Mustang problem has been the engine; it is how to put the power down to the ground. That's why there are panhardrod aftermarket kits. So, just cross your fingers and hope they do the suspensions right this time (see the whole IRS thread).

  3. thats awesome where can i find the artical where it ran that? for the most part i see them in the mid to low 13's and there is about 75 lb difference between the mach and the 05 but the 05 has a ton more torque at 2000 rpm from the vvt i think that will prove a big advantage when draging :rolleyes:
  4. I read on here way earlier last year that people were saying the 3v 4.6 was dynoing like 270 at the wheels in the prototype versions Ford loaned out to the aftermarket. No idea on how valid those rumors where as it was during the same time people were making claims the Stang would weigh 3800 lbs and other wild ass things.
    But if it's true and you allow 17% drivetrain loss the engine might be putting out more like 325 at the crank. If that's true a lighter GT with better distribution(and hopefully better suspension) than the current generation of Stangs it should be even with the Mach at the very least. Which would put the 05 GT as the LS1 fighter they were aiming for , and it would eliminate yet potential excuse for people not to buy it.

  5. First my guess is they'll be closer to the 96-98 305HP cobra's. They will put done 255-260rwhp which is right around 300/305hp.

    MY Mach putting down around 330hp/350tq stock(with a more realistic drive train loss of 15%) so they are just a tad underrated :D

    Go back in time Ford never put's everything into a first year old car. They'll establish the new platform with a conservetive appoach and in 2 or 3 years do like they did in 86/87 or 96/99 IMO.

  6. I have dyno my 03 Mach1 auto. Ford is unrated the hp in the 03-04 Mach1s auto. my came to be on dyno at 325hp. If Ford saying 300hp in the 05 Mustang GT see the real hp be 315 or 320hp. :nice: :lol: :jaw:
  7. I can believe a 13.1-13.2. Not saying your bs'ing or anything but 12.88? No weight reduction or modifications? I would guess there were some modifications like traction for one. The 3-valve is going to put out about as much power as the 4 valve. Because its going to breath almost as much as the 4 valve heads + it has VCT and it has a higher compression ratio. Again i believe that it may possibly outrun a mach 1. granted stock for stock and equal drivers. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I think ford is putting together a fairly aggressive package for the new stang and im impressed so far. (btw i love the mach 1's i wish i would have waited to get my stang and ended up getting amach for only another 1-2k :().

  8. I think the specs on the 05 GT has it with a slightly lower compression ratio.
  9. 12.88 on stock rubber, h emight have had a pro 5.0 shifter but thats it. The LS1 guys were up in arms about it.
  10. Don't forget that the 4.6, 3V engine has VVT which should significantly broaden the torque curve.

    Det. News ran an article about their test drive of a 2005 Mustang GT. They said that it was real easy to spin the tires shifting into 2nd gear. :nice:
  11. I think performance numbers will be comparable to the present day GT's. I am just waiting for the big dog's to roll off the line in 06...fun fun fun
  12. In all honesty it shouldn't be. With 40 more horses more torque,better weight distribution and not too much heavier than the GT it should by all rights beat it handily.
  13. Add to what Omega said: broader torque curve and 3.55 rear end.

    The 05 GT will be significantly faster than the 99-04. In the Det News test of the 05, there was a 04 GT for comparison. Det News said there was no comparison, the 05 was better in every way. I'll try to find the article again, but one of the things I rember them saying was " The '04 took a bit of work to get a good chirp out of the rear tires when shifting into 2nd gear. With the '05 we could effortlessly spin the tires when shifting into 2nd."
  14. 9.8:1 compression??? Thats what the 05 GT is.

  15. The Mach has a compression ration of 10.05 or 10.10:1 from what I recall reading about a couple months back.
  16. Faster than an 01 Slowbra?? Of course!!!
    Faster than a 03 Mach 1?? Not likely!!
  17. Let's say for arguements sake that Ford underrated the 05 it very well could be faster. I'd hold off on making that statement until we see some solid dyno numbers on the new engine.
  18. I agree, seems to close to call at this point.
  19. dyno numbers dont win races.....drivers do.