2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

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  1. both the 2005 gt and the 2004 mach 1 are about the same hp, yet the 2005 gt should retail for 5k less than the 2004 mach 1. Sounds like I should wait for the 05 GT. Am I missing something? I know that there is a 3k rebate right now on the 04's, won't get that on the 05's, dealers will deal on an 04, and not an 05. If invoice on an 04 is 27k, -3k rebate, what can I expect to pay for an 04?
  2. All we can be guaranteed about the 05's looks are that its DIFFERENT.

    I love my white 02 GT , people who dont know cars will look at the 05 and at mine and lots will probably like mine better. (yes, a white 02gt with tint is that hot) Ford is smart for upping the hp 40+ or no one would even care about the 05.

    Those round headlights hardly eminate the look of refinement. (not that thats necessarily the goal)

    For me to spend on a new GT ford would of had to hit 350hp and have used a 5.4. (revving high is for the japanese, big torque is american)

    The people who know that mines the older style will prefer the 05 just cause its more recent.

    The Mustang style and sexyness peaked with the 04 style. Im sure of that.
    Making a new car a certain way just cause past mustangs looked like that and copying is nostalgic is just bs.

    When I do up my white 02 GT with a total cobra R body kit, and run 600hp there wont be any new car out there I will admire.

    Nothing ford comes out with this fall will look as sexy and turn as many heads as a car looking like a white 2000 Cobra R. uh uh, sorry.
  3. I am sorry but all of this is your opinion and nobody else's.

    And as for the Cobra R body kit it will turn alot of heads but most of those heads will turn and then say wow look a fake Cobra R.

    Don't get me wrong i love the Cobra front facia, hood, wheels, and the wing. but i only like the wing on the real R.
  4. Thats right, this is MY opinion, to which i am entitled.

    The funny thing is that many guys feel that same way as me and wont be trading in their GT's this fall.

    fake or not, the 2000 Cobra R style is way hotter than this new 05, (ask around buddy, its not just me)
  5. You are just as bad as people that stick SVT emblems on regular GT's. You didn't buy a Cobra R, get over it.
  6. Im sure you already know this, but since the Cobra R is racing only nobody will be driving them around on the streets.

    Its impossible to drive a legit Cobra R around (not sold to public) so its also impossible to immitate one successfully since those who know anything about stangs also know that Ford only sold these to racing teams.

    You basically just called everyguy whose done his stang up like a Cobra R(you said me wanting to make mine like a R is just as bad as guys sticking SVT stickers on their GT's) a phony. (just to discourage one guy who is merely proposing it)

    so what are you saying? Is it wrong for guys with stangs to do them up with body kits? (stalker, cobra r, etc.) I think its cool to customize and stand out from the crowd.
  7. On behalf of the entire car-admiring public you refer to, thanks but no thanks for trying to enlighten us on the "factual" information regarding which car looks better. But like most others, I prefer to decide these things for myself.

    The 99-04 cars look great, but to me there are obvious opportunities for improvement. First of all, there's the no-brainer: the gimcrack tack-on scoops (ESPECIALLY on the hood). Next, the headlamps. They don't look bad, but they also don't look nearly mean enough for a supposed muscle car. The "vintage Stang" front end look is much meaner than the "1995 Intrepid" front end look. But I will concede that this is just my personal preference.

    Throw in the much-improved engine and the much-improved chassis, and it would appear that Ford has themselves a ringer. Oh yeah, one more thing: Ford has NO BUSINESS selling a car for $15k with the current pi$$-poor interior, much less a $23k GT or $35k Cobra. But they've addressed this glaring issue with the new model as well, so it's all good.

    Styling is the ONLY comparison between the '99-'04 and the '05+ cars that is subject to opinion as opposed to fact -- the redesigned car is a superior product from top to bottom, front to back, and everywhere in between.
  8. Don't forget that the 2005 GT will:

    Handle much better than a 2004 Mach 1
    Ride much better than a 2004 Mach 1
    Has a much stronger unibody than a 2004 Mach 1.
    Has more interior room and trunk space than a 2004 Mach 1
    Generates almost the same HP & TQ on regular 87 octane gas instead of the 91 the Mach needs.
    Has much better F/R weight balance than the 04 Mach 1
    Most likely has better and more comfortable seats than the 04 Mach 1
    And looks much better than any 04 Mustang

    Have I forgotten anything?
  9. You just sounded like a ricer....

    Also yes i like the Cobra R alot more than i do the 05, I like my 01 Cobra alot more than the 05.

    I know you are entitled to your opinion that a right that we all have...now here is mine, Fake Cobra Rs are a waste, i suppose you have the SVT and Cobra Badges on it as well that just sceams rice man, that makes you no different from them. Body kits are one thing but mis badging is just plain stupid, be proud of what you have and don't try to pass it off as something else
  10. I am also against mis-badging. Strongly against it.

    Im only addresssing external looks of the two styles and how sexy they are.

    Something tells me lots of chicks arent gonna be thrilled by four big round headlights that look like the 60's. Some chicks will dig it though.

    Im merely stating my opinion that if you took a bunch of people (girls) who dont know jack about stangs and just go by looks lots of them will like the older style (04) more than the new style.

    since lots of guys buy cars just for looks and the attention girls give them for it my point is relevant.

    Most girls dont giva crap about better suspension, better breathing 3 valve heads, more hp. They just look at the body of the car and the interior if they actually get inside it.

    Furthermore, Id be willing to bet big money a guy in a Cobra R (if it were possible) cruising around would be able to attract 10 times more babes than some rich doofus in a plain jane 05.

    And I know from experience in my white 02 that it will take a hell of a good looking car to garner as much looks as I do right now (half paid off)
  11. the more you talk the more you sound like a ricer

    i didn't buy my car to attract chicks, i don't mod my car to get chicks, if you need a car to pick up a girl you have some issues man.

    I bought my car for me and nobody else
  12. If you say so , I guess I sound like a ricer.......

    I guess Im just a ricer who is building a 6.0 liter dohc for his ricey 2002GT.
    six liters is a lot for a ricer eh? :lol:

    oh and about the girls and cars thing.......

    you bet your ass I like to use my car to get chicks (teens)

    and If you could see the one I have in it now youd be even more upset.
  13. thats probably because you've already conceded to yourself that you couldnt get a nice girl if you were in a damn Enzo Ferrari.
  14. Even if i had an Enzo i would still have my wife who is head and shoulders above the "teen chicks" you attempt to impress with your GT. it's not their fault they are dumb

    BTW teenage chicks aren't that good in bed, someday you may get a late 20s girl/early 30s girl to show you what to do.
  15. Also i am through with this thread...it's so pointless to argue over the internet
  16. The '05 Mustang GT will put out 10-20HP less than the Mach1 and be about 50lbs. heavier.

    The '05 GT will go for no less than a few hundred under MSRP for the first 6mos. or so. (base $26K+/-) the Mach one can be had for a little over $23K after discounts and rebates currently.

  17. shhhhhuuuuuurre!! :lol: whatever you gotta tell yourself to be happy!

    oh , and Im doing more than "trying to impress them"
  18. Sure cusomizing your car is cool but not when you make it look like something it's not. To me that just says "hey look at me I wish I could afford a cobra r." You have to make it your own not something that ford already did. And it makes it even better when you acualy make the car powerful not just make it look fast.
  19. stupid double post thing(can't delete it so...)

    Sure cusomizing your car is cool but not when you make it look like something it's not. To me that just says "hey look at me I wish I could afford a cobra r." You have to make it your own not something that ford already did. And it makes it even better when you acualy make the car powerful not just make it look fast.
  20. I just want to make a quick comment on the whole girl element of the debate......seriously mustangs are awesome cars too look at, own, drive, whatever...even pick up quote unquote "chicks" But the biggest part in owning a car like this is talking about it with other "guys" or trying to one-up another guy and what he has done to his car with different mods and so-on. Would you rather pull up next to a bunch of chicks and have them be like hey nice car and then never see them again or pull up next to some wannabe who thinks his monte carlo kicks tail...and simply torch the guy leaving him to be made fun of by his comrades? Just a random morsel for you all to chew on. Anywho I say do whatever the heck you want to your car to make it unique, and to the guy who started this thread and had it turn into this..I say basically get the body style you like better....however remember that the mach 1 has only been made for 2 years out of the past 10 and is not scheduled to be done for this bodystyle til who knows when...if ever...so you could spend some money and have a brand new 05 gt or spend some money and have the last mach 1 made for who knows how many years :)