2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

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  1. Yeah you did. It will cost about 4 grand more then what most people are paying for now for a Mach 1, will not be exclusive, will have much smaller brakes, and a 3valve instead of a 4 valve engine. With that being said....I would give my right leg for an 05 but to answer the threads question, the 04 Mach is a steal right now.
  2. But its not real, Its just changing the cars appearance, you still have a gt.
    It sounds ricerish to me.
  3. so if a guy doesnt want his stang to be like thousands of others and adds side pipes or a raised hood now hes ricerish???? Theres hundreds of thousands of guys who have changed a part or two on the bodys of their stangs.

    I mean its part of mustang culture? am I wrong?

    i dont think you guys really know whats ricerish or not. I guess guys like you think the Cobra R and GTR are ricerish too cause they have a big tail wing right?

    yep that GTR is a real ricer (having a functional wing and all) !! :bs:

    ps - you guys really really sound high school, cause you really dont sound like you know what you are talking about. Thousands of guys put aftermarket parts on their stangs, so I guess they are all making their car something it is really not too , right??? :rlaugh:

  4. tommy0022...

    Just because someone makes their Mustang different from most doesn't always equate to 'better'. I've seen plenty of 'upgrades' that are anything but. And if you truly love cars and know about Mustangs, you will realize...

    You got nuthin' on the new '05 Mustang!

    The current cars, including my '98 Cobra are dinosaurs compared to the new platform. I'm ready to move on.
  5. I don't think there is a problem with putting Kebra parts on a GT just as long as u don't lable it a Cobra. I mean I had a Saleen wing on my GT and most people thought it looked awesome.

    Mach vs 05 - As far as looks are concerned, they are subjective and personally I think my Mach looks meaner then teh new Stang. Though the new Stang has a cleaner overall look u can't beat that shaker and buldge in the power hood of the Mach. The rear of the 05 needs some work, kinda dumpy and big. But I'll admit the rest of the GT is a real looker and I can't wait for the special editions to start rollin out. :flag:

    And as far as straightline performance is concerned I guess we'll have to wait and see...there have been a fair amount of MAChs closing in on the high 12's bone stock, it'll be interesting to see if the GT can match or even beat that. :spot:
  6. Im sorry but the Fox body style no longer excites me. Everywhere you look grandmas, chicks, and punks are driving a stang. IMO, i cant wait to trade my 2002 in for the 2005 gt. Im sorry but the Fox body is just way to common on the road to be exciting. I feel that the 2005 will draw a different crowd, more of the people who appriciate the mustangs heritage will buy the 2005, im also hoping the normal drivers will stay with the 04 and down. And to add about the logo matter, yes putting logos and tags on a car that isnt true is just pathetic, when i see that on the road i think "wow, what an *******"
  7. How can these guys sound "really high school" when they're not the one's who are building their cars to impress TEENAGERS (of all things).

    I don't mind people swapping out mody panels from different Stangs...just don't put Cobra emblems on GT's or V6's.....that's a no, no IMO.

    Back on topic......I love the 05 and I would rather have the 05 than the Mach1.
  8. Anybody know the planned production run of the 05...if you think you're gettin an exclusive car u better think twice cause after a couple of months I think they will be all over the place.
  9. This thread is hillarious!

    Oh just something to chew on but retro is in. From music videos tvs shows and movies they are all using 60s cars for their "cool" characters. What are teenage girls influenced by....? The above three things. So don't expect too many "chicks" to be impressed by your new edge if an 05 pulls up next to it. Case in point went to the auto show all the "chicks" were crowded around the 05 Stang with everybody else. Who was crowded around the competition orange Mach 1? Me and a few other guys that's it.
  10. i gotta disagree with the above poster who said the new mustang will appeal to the "true" enthusiast. the mustang is a hot selling car and always will be, the new model will be no exception, and many "girls or punks or old people", will still get a hold of them. if anything a "true" enthusiast would buy an old mustang and restore it. i love just about every style of mustang with the exception of the mustang II's and whatnot. i personally won't be able to get a new 05' but i am not going to be like tommy and be bitter that theres a better, badder, mustang just around the corner. when i finish paying off the 6 banger, i will look into getting an 05, or 06 whatever the year will be.

    as for the "pimping of teens" im 19, i paid for my 5.0 after saving up for it, and i make payments on my v6, not so i can cruise the high schools and pick up chicks. try picking up mature girls at the university with your Fobra R, the chicks who are worth it dont care about your car.
  11. Most chicks don't know the difference between a BMW and an Accordian. They know it's "NEW" and "EXPENSIVE" (looking anyway). I have a 2000 SVT Contour and i did the full Zaino Bros wax job on it, and had a girl i work with, who owns a 330xi, come in and ask me if my car was a BMW...If you are looking to get chicks, forget HP, get yourself a "Player's" car. Without breaking the bank, I suggest a GMC Yukon GT, or Ford Expedition. Get some 22 inch rims, and stop right there. Might consider getting yourself, a better attitude, and some money, while your at it.
  12. yeah we all sound high school, we aren't the ones trying to extend our dicks with our cars

    BTW i put aftermarket parts on my Cobra but i am by no means trying to make it something it's not. unlike yourself
  13. when im out in my 65 i get more looks then in my moms 04 stang just because it is more uncommon to see a car in great condition that is 40 years old .... **** i get about as many looks in my monte carlo as i do in an 04 stang just because its got 23 coats of wax and blings just like the 04 and then agian i usually have the only older and hotter monte carlo or older stang out at nigh

    o by the way monte carlos arent ment to be fast.... they kick tail in other ways :)
  14. Ha Ha Ha, MOST girls "chicks" don't know much about cars, hell alot of guys don't know much about cars. Sure there are "chicks" that do know about cars, but I dont know if its just me, but I want a chick to be with me, for me, not my car, and she can say yeah he's also got this really cool car, and if she's knows about cars then she can elaborate more about it. I once had an import loving chick telling me how someones turbo worked on some honda, then i said sorry but physics in Japan are the same as physics in the US, and then i explained to her how wrong she was and why. As far as modding i like customizing a car, if you dont like it oh well, although i have good tastes, clean and sporty, i mod my car for great looks, not rice (10ft wing) and performance, HP and handling, to make it better then ford ever thought about making it, true racing type parts not mass manufactured, penny pinched parts.

  15. all i can say is WOW. do you even research before you post this krap? do yourself a favor and KNOW before you post, people will take you more seriously. now, FYI:


    ~300 produced
    385hp/385tq 5.4dohc
    street legal in USA
    sold at ford svt dealerships
    msrp iirc was about $45-$50k but dealer gouging caused them to go for much more

    if you want to make your car look like a cobra R, go nuts. i personally love the look of the '00R and i've seen a couple black gt's done to look like the '00R but with a lower wing....dirty....not for me, but dirty none the less. just know that all your talk about 05 vs 04 is based on visual preference. i have NO doubts whatsoever the 05GT will be way better than the mach overall, and IMHO the 1/4mile #'s will be similar. guess we'll just have to wait.

  16. oops my bad, but 300 of them made doesnt exactly mean the average guy could get one (even If he had the cash). Most of them were presold to teams, if I read correctly.

    yep, functionally the 05 will be superior.

    yah, I think the special editions of the 05 is where its finally gonna shine.

    If I can get an 03 or 04 Mach 1 for way less than a new 05 (which should be possible)
    I would probably take it.
  17. I won't...I have already been offered a 04 Mach 1 for the same price as Plan A pricing...turned it down (FYI that is less than regular dealer invoice pricing). Why you ask...IMO 05 will be a better car overall and worth the slight price increase.

    Picking up chicks is the last thing on my mind, I am happily married and my beautiful wife is the only "chick" I need. She loves the 05 looks more than the 04 and older and I agree 150% with her. I like the lack of things you guys want (shaker hood, scoops, etc) I will even debadge the "GT" when I get my car. Clean looking car is what I like.
  18. Sounds like a prime GTO candidate :p

    J/K :flag:
  19. GTO--->:puke: 05 Mustang--->:drool: :D
  20. Looks much better in your opinion. You may want to keep facts and opinions seperate to enhance your argument that one is "better" than the other. Oh i forgot, you asked if you were missing something;

    How about the 05 being the first production year under a new platform at a new assembly plant... beause of this I beleive you left off; rattles, knocks, clunks, and leaks.

    Wait for the 06, Iknow I am.