2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

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  1. This is my 3rd Mustang and it has to be the best I've had so far. I beat this idea of waiting for the 05 before I got the Mach, but I LOVE the way the Mach looks. The 05 looks great from the front, but I don't like the back end. I'll wait a couple more years and see were the Cobra takes us before I look into the new one. As for the performance side, I can't wait to line up against one to see what I do!!!
  2. Well if what you say is true then Im gonna get the 05 too! (right after I get my house, first things first)

    I am a true "pimp". I dont need the car to get chicks, the car needs me to get chicks. And its just fitting for the hottest pimp to have the hottest ride. (Im just not 100% sure if thats a mach or an 05)

    I think if i go to the new platform it will be an 06 too. (just cause Ill have more time to save up)
  3. wow :rolleyes:
  4. yah, Im cocky, but I dont think thats a bad thing.
  5. I'll skip the 05's.. Probably wait til 07 and get one of their special editions.. Speculation aboard about the supposed power of the 05 GT.. I'm guessing Ford will not underrate and possibily overrate this motor in order to spark sells. Brand new style + 300 HP!! I'm guessing the 05 will dyno 250-260 at the wheels.. And you're going to have to play a lot of waiting for the aftermarket to catch up. Oh, and 05 muffler placement! ARGH! I can forsee a lot of fart can mufflers going on these stangs.

    The 05's look ok from the front, but the rear is very bubbly.. Heh.. I don't like it at all. The concept rear looked so much better.

    Everyone keeps saying how better the new Mustang will handle w/o even driving one yet. The LS platform isn't what you'd call a performance platform. Only seat time will give answers to our questions, otherwise we're all here pulling things out of the air.. Either way, both are Mustangs.. Everything will evolve and get better.

    The only thing I can definitely say, is the interior on the new Mustang is much better than the SN-95 one.
  6. Your Cocky? More like you seriously have no idea what your talking about. Your worse than those guys putting clear brake lights on the stang and calling it a pimp ride. Dont use the Fake tags, do yourself a favor go buy a honda and put a cherrybomb on it, who knows it might end up sounding as good as my weedwhacker :spot:
  7. After what Ford went through with the 305hp (I think) Cobra a few years back I'm sure you can rest assured that it will not be overrated.
  8. Anybody who knows anything about cars knows that there is a better one out there. Your 02 is probably sweet, but EVERYBODY has them. As far as the Cobra badges on your GT, that's just gay man. That reminds me of a mid-90's Dodge Neon with DOHC VTEC scratched into the dirt, wasn't the VTEC a Honda thing? I'm not sure, but you're trying to be something you're not. I have a 94 5.0, and I'm dang proud of it. Plus, when I think of cocky, I think of Honda drivers who think they are the ****nit because of so-called "precision driving". :bs:

    Oh BTW, I have seen several REAL Cobra R's driving around on the street.

    Hope I haven't offended anybody here...
  9. Tough call between the 04 Mach and the O5 GT. Both look good to me. Based on preliminary info on the 05 GT, it looks like it will have slightly lower peak HP but similar average HP between optimum shift points. The extra weight of the 05 and the lower RPM capability will likely keep it a tick or so slower than the Machs. The Machs are built for sprints, so I doubt the 05 GT will beat the Machs in the sprints. But hey, who knows, the 05 GTs may be more than 10% under rated in HP and average HP may be greater than the Machs.

    I've driven two Machs and they accelerate great but don't handle that well, so the 05 will likely be a more rounded car. In either case, it will be fun to watch the natually asperated competition between modified versions of the 01 Cobras, 03 and 04 Machs and the new 05 GTs.

    I think you should make your decision based on which you like the best.
  10. I won't be racing so all that hp stuff means squat to me when buying a car. Don't get me wrong...I love to have the power IF I need it, but it will not be for racing. 300 hp is more hp that I have ever had in any car so it will be plenty for me.
  11. Yeah, keep in mind that a lot of Machs are underrated.. 305 ford claims, but most put down 270-280 to the wheels. Mine put down 289 to the wheels stock! That puts me in the 340 hp range..
  12. what do you mach 1 guys get at the wheels with a bigger intake, x-pipe, long tubes, and a good tune? Id have to guess around 320rwhp???
  13. To the guys dickering over body parts, the first thing you need to do is go back to grammer school and learn how to spell and punctuate. If I could take the liberty to throw in my two bits I think Cobra R body additions are great for your ride as long as it isn't a V6, and as long as you aren't trying to look like you are in a cobra R. I read this post on another site from a guy who had a late model V6 and had already spent about 8 or 9 g's trying to make his car look and run as much like a cobra as it could. If a person's got that kind of dough to cough up for a wanna-be cobra why didn't he get a newer model GT or a same year model cobra. I mean what was he thinking? Anyway, I also think it's goofy to go all out on body kits galore unless you're packing a punch to match. If you ain't got major muscle (350hp+) then a cobra R body kit is wasted time. Sure, most "chicks" don't know the difference, but it would be self-defeating to take that chance and get smoked by the next guy that pulls up with a 100 shot of nitrous. Oh, if you can actually get a "chick' to notice you in your ride, then if you can actually get her in the car with you, then you better figure out what you've got that will keep her interested in you. Otherwise it was all for nil.
  14. :lol: Wow, sounds like a typical teenager to me.

    You left out how "chicks" dig the "bling, bling" and the "thump" of a good pair of 12's. Oh, and please don't forget the neon under the car and the carbon fiber shifter!! Girls go crazzzzzy over that. Maybe put a set of those blue headlights and some green and red euro-crap tail lights on it.... bad a$$.....

    :bang: :bang: :bang:
  15. Boy I have been frequenting this board for quite a while. Before the concept was out and this was all rumors. You guys are really coming out of the woodwork. Number 1 the 05 gt will have more production units on the road in the first year than the mach will have total. Secondly, the body has a lot left to be desired (the rear), 3rd unless you have taken a mach around a road course or at least a couple of hair pin curves you have no idea how well the handle.(dealer joy rides don't car because you can't stomp on the car) 4th I bought the mach because for 23500 i could not beat it and yes that was out the door. The new gt's body needs some work, it will not out perform the mach (no matter what you believe), and the only advantage will be the near 50/50 weight distribution. Will the new 05 handle (yes) but will the extra 1.5 inches of leg room make a huge difference (no). I will be purchasing a special model around 07 or 08 but until then i will keep my mach on the street and garage it when I buy the one. I really am disappointed in comments from a lot of you. This thread was to help the author make an informed decision and so far all I have heard is heresay. This is not a mach-1 vs gt war and as soon as the gt production is in full swing I gauruntee my mach still turns more heads than it ever will

  16. Don't garrantee anything like that because every one has their own opion as to what looks good. Some may look at yours and say "wow" then on the next corner "Ah crap! another freaken Mustang" Get the picture? The 05 is IMO better looking than anything between 1969 to 2004 and I know I am not alone with that comment. But it's great to be proud of your ride, you should be, it's your hard earned $$$ that got you into it. After all, we can't all like the new designs, because there wouldn't be enough of them to go around.

    As for performance...not a big issue to me since I will not be racing it. If it can light up the tires on demand...I'm happy :p
  17. haha, your so witty lawman......

    yah, I still think the mach 1 is the sweetest. The 05 is gonna be a sure dork sign, "hey look an 05!!! must be a rich dork!"

    I mean be honest folks, most guys in 05s will be dorks. Cause guys with 02-04 gt's will be secure enough to know that the newest stang (with as much attention it gets) isnt gonna make a hell of a difference to help their situation a hell of a lot.

    You dorks who dont like what I say no matter what I say are weenies.
    (you probably drive 4 cylinders , and if you dont you should be cause it suits you pot head yankees)

    Besides you probably cant afford an 05 on food stamps so why are you sticking up for it so hard?

    ps - oh, and its not a 12 its a 15 RF with a 1000 amp mono sub driving it. but taste my piss all the same???

    and before I forget.......

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  20. I've owned a '65 coupe, '85 GT and a '96 GT and I like the looks of the 05 best. I never felt that the 94-04 cars represented the original Mustang. They were getting too far off track for me. I buy cars because I like cars, not to pick up "chicks", I use my stunning good looks, sense of humor, and intelligence to do that :)