2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by JimTMich, Apr 14, 2004.

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  5. I think the Mach 1 would win in a race..

    i got an 01' v6 mustang now and i am sick of driving in a v6 and i am really happy they are changing the body style cause i wouldn't want to get a GT that looks exactly like the car i have now..

    so at least now when i get the 05.. it'll be like a completely different car..

    looks and speed wise.. :banana:
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  8. I seriously debated the 05 GT vs 04 Mach before I chose my Mach. W/out really being able to look under the 05 to see just how hard it'd be to relocate the mufflers to run side-exhuast & not wanting to wait until this fall is 1 reason I chose the Mach. The biggest reason is if I like the new GTs, I can always buy 1 in the future. I like the Mach now & had I not've bought it I may never've had the chance again.
  9. interesting lil convo we got going on here....as far as the mach1/gt debate...i like the mach1 just cuz you can rev higher w/ it and it's 4v instead of 3v which is cool....as far as for the "masking"..lots of people get the new cobra rims on there car, mach1's, gt's,older cobra's that dont have those rims, older mustangs w/ the 5lug conversion kit, and the v6's..so, techinically that is "masking" a car, which A LOT of people do, because the rims do say "cobra" on them..but we'll get off that...i've never liked badges on my car, unless they are stupid phone badges....on my '96 cobra, i have debated trying to put something stupid on there like 3.8 v6, or something like that..but w/ the cobra front, cobra back and cobra hood it would look retarded...but w/ my old civic i had a b16 turbo (put down about 240 to the wheels w/ 8psi)..and i had a sticker that said, "SOHC inside" just to be retarded and kind of as a mock to every1 who does do stuff like that...it's personal preference and me, i'd rather mock the people that do stuff like that, but if you're into that..more power to you.......as far as the girl issues is concerned..im only 18, but you'd surprised about today's youth, they're learning very quickly :)...BUT you cant use a mustang to get a girl, it's pointless, cuz this is how it goes.."oh, wow a mustang"..."oh, wow this is a cobra"...."ill be back" as a guy w/ a BMW pulls up and she walks over to him...girls like bmw's, benz, audi, WAY more than a mustang...and if you have to use your car to get a girl, that's lame..be like me and use the girl to get a car (long story) and this thread is long enough, so im ending it..
  10. for what it is worth...

    development of the 2005 Mustang has been ongoing since 2000.

    also, i test drove an '04 mach 1 because i too was debating between an '04 Mach 1 and an '05 GT. the '04 mach 1 was nice, but did not do it for me. i used to have a '70 grande with a bored over 351 W, and the look of the late 60s early 70s stangs are what i like. all around, the 05 GT i think will be nicer ALL AROUND. performance between the two is too close to compare without actually testing them against one another on the road. and the brakes on the '05 GT are 11% larger than the mach 1's, not smaller. in conclusion, my deposit stays on the '05 and i will have it around mid-november...
  11. FWIW:

    The 2004 Mustang/Mach 1 has been under development since 1979 and they've worked out a few bugs and upgrades along the way.

    A design doesn't equal real world production, they'll find problems on the 05 real fast once joe public gets their hands on it just like every new car.........

    The brakes on the Mach are the best I've ever had on any car much less a Mustang, I don't think I'd need better and the 05's won't be. Couple with the 15k production figure total I think it's a real steal for under $25k. Some of the rare Mustang were over looked in there day and this could very well be one that everyone kicks there self about 10 years from now.
  12. I agree that there'll be a group of people in @ least 2 years that'll kick themselves for passing up the opportunity to have a Mach. That's why I own one. Everytime I kick myself, it hurts bad. :D Also, as far as the Machs brakes. The Mach has the exact same size brakes as all Cobras built. The 05 GT will have bigger brakes than any other GT built, but will not have brakes as big as the Cobra/Mach/Bullitt.
  13. Ahhh it was 11 % bigger than the old GTs, my mistake, I thought wrong. Anways the brakes will most likely be minimally different. And about the Mach 1 in development since 1979, good call... :rolleyes:
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