2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

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  5. This from someone who spells the word "sure" with an "H"

  6. Not really. I'm in the market for a new '04 Mustang. The thing is, after seeing the "05 kicking around for a few months now, the 99-04 Mustang already looks "old". If i buy a Mustang i want something nice and new. I don't want to plop down cash for an '04 Mach 1 only to have it be out of style when the '05 GT comes out in september.

    Don't get me wrong, i LOVE all mustangs. Not trying to knock the 99-04's at all, but it would be kinda sweet to have the first '05 in the neighborhood and have something fresh and new to play with.

    On the other hand, Mach 1's still kick ass!

    SO that's my dillemma folks. Wait and see if i can snag an '04 Mach 1 when they want to move them out and get a good deal, or be the first to have the new stang in my neighborhood. It's a tough choice to make.
  7. i am in the exact same boat, but so far i'm ticking to the '05 GT...
  8. I've said it before & I'll say it again. The '04 Mach will by no means become "old" or 'out of style' when the '05 GT comes out. They hadn't made a Mach in over 30 years before it was recently reintroduced. They may never make it again. So it's already an instant classic, in my book. That's why I won't be kicking myself in the butt in a few years. In 3-6 years if I still want another Mustang, I can keep my rare Mach & buy an un-rare GT. No biggie. That way I'll get the best of both worlds. :rlaugh:
  9. Don't wait to long they have stopped taking orders on machs and will stop production soon. With mustang sales projected at 16% higher volume than expected all new mustangs should be sold by july leaving a void until the new one comes out. This is per ford.
  10. i would go with 05 gt just cuz it looks way better and i belive it will perform better as well. I havent heard great things form ppl that have driven a mach 1. they say it dosnt have the power it should, i think its a tranny problem. the 05 is well desighned. It has the classic look which i love and a modern style which i also love. :spot:
  11. Ok I can see why you only have 11 post......Your've heard it doesn't have the power? What planet are you living on? Bad tranny, the same one in the GT ...yea theres some problems. Please do us a favor and a least test drive one rather than just hearing from a bunch of ricers the Mustang is weak. :shrug:

    As you can see my mach is making about 330hp 350 tq with a 15% drive train loss.....So you think the 05 at 300hp will match that we'll see, the Mach's underrated just like the new Cobras.

    BTW these cars are running head to head with the LS1's and run high 12's with DR's. Guess that's weak too :banana:
  12. I don't know, I'll just butt in and say that I think the Mach 1 rocks. I was about to get a black one this weekend, but someone else bought it. I have a GT myself, modified to the bone, but beginning to have problems with it. I don't see how the new GT will be faster than the Mach 1 though. I spent allot of time debating on what route to take but, I don't think an advanced suspension is enough to take on about 10-15 extra horsepower from the Mach 1. Plus I think the extra 8 valves from the Mach make it much easier to increase horsepower when modifying it. As for the 05 GT, I will say that even though I don't like the way it looks off the factory (so far from the magazines), I'm willing to bet that a black 05 with lowering springs, dark tint, and some silver flames in the front with hotrod rims will really bring out the classic monster look that'll make everyone crack a few bones in their neck as they stare 180 degrees :rlaugh: Overall, I like both cars.
  13. I wouldn't wait too long to make this decision. There aren't that many Machs left on lots and very few more will be delivered to dealers. With production of all Mustangs coming to an end, availability of GTs and Machs will dry up pretty quickly, especially with people trying to get in before the rebates stop. I can promise you that you will pay at least MSRP on the 05 GTs for months, probably a bit more to be among the first to have the honor of ownership.

    Good Luck with your decision. The choice between an 04 Mach and a 05 GT is really a "no lose" proposition.
  14. pulled deposit on the 05 GT and buying an 04 Mach 1!
  15. Put it this way. I probably WILL buy an 06 GT when they are out.

    But anyone who spends 30,000 on a boring looking 05 that may have unfound glitches in its systems is just stupid.

    I guarantee they will make significant styling changes maybe like the concept 05 and maybe even tweaks to the engine and tranny for the 06. who knows what ford will learn once all those thousands of 05s hit the road.

    Ford knows they can get away with a crappy looking 05 cause they know lots of stupid knobs will buy it regardless of what it looks like or how it performs just cause its the newest style. :bs:

    Again, I WILL pay 30000, just not for that stale 05, the 06 will be a much more exciting car.
    my 03 cobra will do me just fine till then :rlaugh:
  16. Appearance Wise

    Well personally, I think the Mustang lost it's roots somehwere oh say around 1974. Mustang II->Fox Body. Sure after that they came out with some decent looking cars....but did they really remind anyone of the old cruiser they had back in highschool?

    Personally, I'm a young buck, but I've always loved the '69's and '70's. Although I am biased, owning a 70 and all. As for power, the '05 I'm sure will have much more potential, but I'd personally wait until the '06 model. The Mach is a great car, no doubt, but if it comes to personal taste, those old Mustangs are badass, and the '05 could possibly be a continuation of that body style.
  17. I am also somewhat young and had a 70 Stang, great car, but not great year round for MI, so I gave in for the 04 Mach 1. 2005 wait is too long since I need a car stat and it is a great car nonetheless...(the 05 is sweet too...might wait for a SE)
  18. That's what I'm talking about. Pick up a Mach, while it's hot. :nice: While I must admit that certain things about the '05 body style intrigue me, it won't be a Mach. Ford went through many a body style before bringing it back. If they do the same, you won't see a Mach again until around 2035-2040. Glad I got mine. :rlaugh: :lol: