2005 GTO Judge : RAM AIR 6 (official pics)

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  1. I dont like it.
  2. I like it, but it doesn't look like a GTO. The GTO was always an ordinary looking sedan with monstrous power. A "muscle car". That car looks fast, which goes away from the "Goat" heritage.
  3. I thought the original Judge was Carousel Red? At least, that's what Pontiac states on their website... :shrug:
  4. thats a vast improvment over the current one
  5. The LS2 is 6.0L achieved through a different stroke, not bore. 400hp is the rating for the new vettes, but its likely underrated.

    as for the concept :hail2: amazing what a little body flair can do for a car. it'll never happen since the new platform will be coming out in a few years so a redesign for the current one is a bad move business wise.
  6. I'm not sure how much Ram-air type pressure they will have in the middle of the hood..

    There is high pressure at the front of the hood, but that front edge of the hood deflects the air up. There is high pressure at the base of the windsheild as well.

    Depending on the car, and the speeds measured, the middle of the hood may have less air pressure than a nice hidden air inlet in the front fascia.

    But so what. People want the perception of performance and will gladly add all sorts of performance-robbing cr_pola to their vehicles in order to look cool.

  7. Good looking car. I doubt it will go into production. The wheels kind of look like Steeda Ultralite II
  8. Thats not intirely true. If you look at the dual inlets, and the curveture of the hood. There would be plenty of air pressure there. The one thing I dont like about it. WIth the way they styled the Grill, its hard to make a nice looking hood, that follows the weird angle the grill has. This is as good as they could probably do.
  9. Guilty

    I've been a Mustang fan since my Uncle Charlie took me for a ride in his new '67 when I was a kid. The Judge looks PHATT!!! and that means good. Ford better get on the Job 1 or Mustang sales just might suffer.
  10. Yes ford will have to worry about a $50,000+ concept car will steal $25,000 mustang sales.
  11. Apples vs. Oranges....who's ready to play?!?!?!


    A one-off GTO vs. an off the production line GT. What's that on my butt? Oh yeah, it's the edge of my seat. :rolleyes:

    The least you could do is compare that Judge vs. the Mustang GTR concept.
  12. Right On! People should go start a GTO forum. These discussions are fine; I'm not against the GTO, but this is, after all, a 2005 Stang forum. People come here expecting to find info on the Stang. Compare this GTO to the Stang or stop this thread!

    $10k car $20k engine.

    This won't sell either... :notnice:
  14. those tail pipes look like they're broken
  15. Quick, someone call the U.S. Government another steroid scandal! Looks like Pontiac dropped a Cavalier off at a Balco office and left it for a couple of months!
    I like the idea of bringing back the GTO but I just wish they would have made it look original or at least like something other than a cavalier!
    Of course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  16. 3.90 bore to a 4.00 bore.
  17. A stock LS2 GTO over on one of the Z06 sites dynoed 428HP at the flywheel.

    The 6.3L V8 is probably a stroked 6.0L or the LS7 that didn't make it (LS7 will now be 7.0L)

    This GTO has about the same chance of making it to production as the Mustang GT-R :( Hopfully the hood and front clip will end up on the 2006 GTO.
  18. That's hot! :nice:
  19. When did the cavilier become a pontiac?