2005 Headlight and Taillight Technology

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  1. Any leads on the headlight and taillight technologies that are going to be used in the '05 stang. Any ideas? H.I.D.'s (if they can make the Nissan Altima come with them, why not the stang? Same price range). I've heard adaptive headlights. Does this mean they will come on automatically or does this mean that they will adapt to the road like BMW's 2004 lineup?

    I know the taillights will be sequential, but what about LEDs? What about brake pressure sensitive taillights?...light up brighter, or more lights light up under hard braking.

    Ideas, thoughts, leads anyone?
  2. They offer HID in the SVT Focus so they better offer them on the Stangs. As for the pressure sensitive brakes, great idea, BMW uses this and every other car manufacturer should adapt this.
  3. I had no clue that the SVT Focus had HIDs, looked on Ford's site, indeed they do! They better have HIDs on the new Stang if they put them on a $19k SVT Focus.

    This brings up an interesting question. If Ford can use HID technology in a $19k car, Nissan makes HIDs standard in the Altima, and all of Acura's lineup (excluding RSX and MDX) come standard with HIDs, then why doesn't a $70k+ Mercedes S430 come standard with HIDs? Personally, even if they were an option, I'd be willing to pay an extra $500-$600 for them, they make a huge difference in visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions.

    I think the decision to make the taillights sequential was a good one. It sets the car apart even more. I think sequential taillights would be even better if they were LEDs (then maybe we could have lime green, magenta, orlando magic blue, and syracuse orange taillights :) ). In all seriousness though, sequential, plus LED would make for a good looking, interesting taillight. Brake pressure sensitive taillights would be an added plus.

    It will be interesting to see how things turn out.
  4. I know of a company that invented and patentded a pressure sensative tail light. unfortunately, the D.O.T. denied them citeing that most drivers would not know why the lights were getting brighter.

    Personally, I think they are an excellent idea! I also can't see why the D.O.T. thinks that no one on the entire plannet has any common sense to be able to figure out that if the brake lights on the car ahead of them are getting brighter, then perhaps it is a sign that perhaps they might think of stopping :shrug:
  5. Has any determination about the LED's in the stang taillights been made. I haven't heard so I'm still hopeful. Though I'm not sure how sensitive you could make an LED. I have only seen them with 2 levels of brightness.

    As for the DOT. We all wonder what the heck many people are doing driving? There are many times I wonder if some people have common sense.
  7. I don't think pressure sensative brake lights would be a good idea. For one thing, if someone lightly stepped on the brakes and the person behind them wasn't paying much attention the lights wouldn't grab their attention very well. Brake lights are that bright to grab people attention letting them know the person in front of them is on the brakes
  8. I'm not sure if it was the DOT that denied the patent. Normally it is the patent attorneys and such that determine that. But the DOT may have said that they won't approve it for street use.
  9. Well if they were LEDs they would be bright enough to catch someone's attention, and on the BMW the inner circle is very visible, it just has an outer ring to compliment it and show that the car is braking even harder.

    And if the LED pressure sensative lights didn't work then maybe Ford could rig them to the guage lights so they would change colors with the dash board, or better yet, turn into a disco dance floor under braking...light braking: sky blue medium braking: magenta, I just saw a cop and I'm going 20 over braking: screaming yellowmedium hard braking: lime green, hard braking: syracuse orange, STOP NOW braking: bright blood red. :) :) just a thought.....
  10. One Mustang concept car had speed-sensitive taillights--the Milano concept which became the 1971 Mustang. They were yellow while coasting, green while accelerating, and red while braking.

  11. Does anyone remember the claim about adaptive headlights? Does this mean that the headlights will follow the level of the road, as well as the turn of the road?
  12. Yes. They turn with the wheel/tires, but I don't think they move up or down with the peaks and valleys of the road.
  13. Strange but alot of tail lights in Europe are adaptive, maybe I am just seeing alot of BMWs. Works very well, if you see their lights get really intense you know threshold breaking is happening and you better match suit or plough thru them.

    Dont know why people in the states wouldnt understand that the REALLY intense tail lights mean stop now.
  14. I've noticed alot of cars (Ford explorer for example) that don't light the third brake light when the brakes are pushed lightly, just add 2 more stages tho that and pow.
  15. no adaptive headlights, govt wont allow, no hid im guessin, cuz that would be too nice, not led tails, same reason
  16. I don't see LED taillights coming on a mustang for a couple more years at least. They are still prohibitivly expensive right now. But that does not mean the aftermarket won't come up with something.
  17. My '04 Infiniti G35 has LED tailights, they are really cool! I didn't realize they were LED until after I bought the car!
  18. Ya... that's stupid... the same arguments could have been used for the third break light. I think that would add to safety. May be they think people will try to get closer to see why the lights are brighter... :D
  19. That's on the edge of rice though... :D
  20. The government does allow adaptive headlights (All 2004 BMWs have them. My friend's parents have a '04 330ci and a '04 745i both with adaptive headlights).

    The HIDs are on the SVT Focus, so they wouldn't be "too nice" for the stang IMO...and I believe if I'm not mistaken that the newer Explorers have LED taillights...