2005 interior pic...

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  1. Saw this on BON. Here's a link the thread with it.


    Too much chrome and brush aluminum for me. I understand there will be two trim levels, I'm guessing this is the upscale one. I love the exterior, but I will need to see the interior in person to tell if I like it.

    Seats look like the unsupportive ones found in the current Mustangs.

  2. The interior looks BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously. I love it. I like the combination steel on the dashboard and console. The seats look WAY BETTER than the current Mustang GT seats. EVERYTHING inside the new 2005 Mustang looks like it's built with MUCH BETTER QUALITY than the current 1999-2004 Mustang GT. :nice:
  3. Thats insane. Build quality looks great, and very high end.
  4. I Want One!
  5. Hmmmm, the '05 is starting to grow on me, in a big way. Nice.

  6. Rather than link to the gay BON thread, here's the picture:

  7. Dude, you shouldn't of posted that. I am drooling uncontrollably now.

    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. That is absolutely badazz. Look how short that shifter is. Should be able to rocket through the gears.
  9. I wonder how flexible the interior options will be. I like the chromed shifter and the color coded door panels but I'm not feeling the single color coded seats and floor mats. I like the two toned Cobra seats(a nice blue and black combo would look sweat). And all that aluminum on the dash I can see being a pain in the butt to keep clean and keep from blinding you during the sunny days and here in Texas you get those alot.
  10. Did you guys notice the little switch in the left front corner of the driver's cushion? Chevy Malibu has a similar switch for heated seats. I wonder if that is what that switch does?

    I really like the interior. I would like a red stang with that red interior....
  11. did you guys notice where the door handle is? it's just like the new(er) jetta's...and i hate those door handles, lol. They just feel cheap...looks like that's where the power windows button is, too...just like the jetta...:shrug: I guess it could be the door locks switch...but i hate the setup of the jettas...

    The rest of that interior is :worship: though...esp. the seats and the shifter
  12. It reminds me of the interior of the fox. I mean the basic layout. The dash, center console, and door panels look like they are the same design. Now I am getting excited thinking of how it might fit in a 5.0.
  13. now if they'd just paint the freakin mirrors
  14. :banana:
    J-turns! J-turns galore!!!! Can you guess how freakin' easy it will be to slip into a nice J-turn (180 degree axle slide) on a wet or snowy parking lot or when a cop or ex-husband is chasing you? Finally the e-brake is in the right spot!
  15. yea but not before your elbow is in a hot cup of joe :D
  16. I like the higher console like this has, much nicer than what is there now!!
  17. Not only do they look unsupportive, they have that nasty 80s look to them. They look like the seats from my parents' old '84 GT.
  18. Looks very very sweet.

    If I bought it, I'd get a shifter lever thats adds 2-3"... I'd be afraid w/ the stock one to have a little fun... I wouldn't want to jam my hand into the console or pinch my fingers between the boot opening and console while slamming gears going down the strip or something. I can just see that happening :nice:
  19. What gets my tiny chub hard is the steering wheel to shifter position!!! FINALLY!!! Look at how high mounted the shifter is! I finally won't have to envy my buddy's Miata shifter.

    Good riddence to the current "reach for the bottom of the floor" version...
  20. What in the hell is with some people wanting painted mirrors? Am I missing something?[​IMG]