2005 Mi Real Grey And Bullits

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  1. I've seen this question posted on other forums, but they are so old the pics have all been removed.

    I'll finally be a mustang owner again (78 cobra II) before the weekend.
    Found an 05 mineral Grey GT, and I'm wanting to get some bullit wheels for it.

    I'm curious how the (grey bullits) look on this car?
    Are the Grey colors off too much? Seems like ford make different models of these wheels in grey?
    (Or that could have been aftermarket?)

    I'm also considering the silver or chrome bullits for the car, but
    Grey would be my 1st choice if the colors match ok??

    I know everyone likes to go BIG when it comes to wheel size
    But I'm a bit "old school". Is there a big tire cost difference between 17" and 18" tires.

    Sorry, I'm sure these questions have been asked a million times, but I just can't find a recent
    Posting with the pics. Still up.
  2. Woo hoo! Now I'm excited!
    This baby is MINE!
    2005 with 14k miles!

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  3. The Bullitt wheels come in the Gray, Anthracite(dark gray), Black. You can also get the rear wheels with a decent amount of lip on them, a negative offset, to enhance the look.

    As for the 17's vs. 18's, the 18's will do a better job of filling out the wheel-well but the 17's might give a slightly "softer" ride due to the larger sidewall. In the end, it is ulrimately your call/taste.

  4. I'd go 18s, they are pretty much the "norm" now. Big is considered 19 or 20, but those are too big, IMO. Plus, tire choices in 19 is limited and the 19/20 is a bit more expensive. 18x9 on all four corners or 18x9/10 staggered is the ticket ;)

    EDIT: you can get a deep dish Bullit, too I think. Check LMR and American Muscle for a nice selection, guaranteed to fit. AM carries only Mustang stuff.