2005 Mustang/anybody looking?

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  1. I can't believe nobody is jacked about the top post with all of the great stuff on the new car. The looks are great, the interior color option looks like something you would see from a customised show car, the instrument cluster is a first in the industry with 125 different colors available at the twist of a knob, 300 h.p., three link rear with panhard, variable cam timing, etc... :banana: :banana: :banana:
  2. 2005

    I like the technical upgrades, but the tone down of the body is tough to swallow. Especially with all the pics around of the silver prototype. I would be hard pressed to change it, or wait to see some pics of the new Cobra/Shelby version! At least they kept the profile looking like the fastback! The other exterior likes or dislike can be changed...
  3. ******saki,hitthemutha, aghhh :canflag: :bang: :banana:
  4. Apparently you have never ventured over to Tyler's Fantasy Forum
  5. Sadly disappointed. The first prototype pictures looked awesome, now it just looks like any other plastic front and rear end bumpers so common on newer type cars. I guess I'm just an old fashion classic kind of guy (in age too)!
  6. I wanted to remind everyone of a picture that turned up here on Stangnet over a year ago. Don't remember who posted it. Something look familiar? I thought I'd seen those lines before.

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  7. I think it turned out pretty good for a production car. Wait until we see what kind of goodies the aftermerket produces, and Ford left themselves room to make the styling more aggressive for the "Shelby" / SVT models in the future.

    Production cars almost always vary from the prototypes quite a bit. For instance, if you look at the ride height of the proto, there's no way that was going to survive.

    Remember the prototypes for the 65 Mustang??? That changed a LOT. But, the production car did pretty well.......... :nice:

  8. I like the production car a lot. Outside of the tail lights, the hood, and 4 seats instead of 2 they kept the car a lot like the silver concept car. I will be purchasing a new Cobra as soon as you can order them.
  9. Dont know about yall, but mine will be in the driveway late september :)
  10. I want one!

    Sign me up for one!

    I personally think Ford hit a home run with styling. A great mix of classic cues combined with a direct evolution of the 2004 Body. I have not wanted to buy a new Mustang until now. I'd buy this one, waiting for final pricing, options, etc.

    Put me in the :nice: column
  11. I like it, but I won't be owning one-can't afford it. Plus, they aren't listing GREEN as an option (and the lime gold DOES NOT count, if it looks anything like the color I am picturing). Maybe when they come out with a BOSS version (if it looks like the photoshop version floating around), we'll find a way to afford one...
  12. I think it looks ok. Ill go take a good look in Sept. I will most likely not buy till 06. Give ford a year or so to work out little stuff and me more time to pay down on the TA so im not too upsidedown in it.
  13. I like it, but I just bought a new Miata, so I am going to enjoy that for a few years first (if I ever get to see it out of the lump of snow it has turned into).