2005 Mustang auto show pics

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  1. From the California Auto Show, Anaheim Convention Center 11-1-03.



    They wouldnt open the doors/hood/windows were tinted. Probably the concept mule, but I like it, especially in Bullitt Gray.
  2. i have a feeling v6, gt, and cobra will all have different body kits and looks
  3. concept=sweet
  4. If that is like the other concept, the hood is bolted and has no hinges and the trunk would be screwed shut. The doors on the concept have hinges but not weatherstriping or cushions.

    Not much actually works on the concept cars, the gauges are all for show.
  5. I wonder if this is in fact the same car that has been to ALL the shows and events?!??!
  6. There are only two concept cars for the 05, the silver fastback and red convertible. In order to have the red convertible at our show this past August, we had to reserve the car a good 6 - 8 months in advance. Those cars really get around!
  7. Reminiscent of the GTO.....only Ford won't kill it's heritage like GM.
  8. ...

    The original GTO was a family car with a honking V8 and wasn't all that visually menacing. The new GTO has sedated looks, is RWD, V8 and is the fastest one ever, yeah they've killed it alright.

    On topic, the concept stang is still stunning after seeing so many pics. Hopefuly the production model will be close to it in the looks dept.
  9. I remember the first GTO I saw, it was a '64, 2 door sedan, white, nothing menacing about it at all, I actually thought it was a Tempest, until I saw the guy take off in it, whoa!!!
  10. Whoa...easy killer. I was only joking. I love the new GTO, but I have to admit, I liked the concept better. I really want one though.
  11. :bang: :bang: :bang: , I live few miles from anaheim and I knew about the show but I forgot :mad: :mad: :mad: , I would have loved to see the new stang :(
  12. anyone know when its coming to philly??
  13. Well the concept 05 that was in the chicago auto show was a full working concept. I remember wathcing a FOX report on the auto show and they actually drove it around the convention center b4 all the setup was complete. It sounded badass as i recall. it sounded like the ford GT exhaust.
  14. I really like the new body style on the concept except for the front clip is butt ugly. If they don't change it I'm not buying one. rather have the Performance Grand Prix they like to call the GTO. They did ruin the heritage, It looks way to much like a grand prix.
  15. I love that body, thats what i fell in love with, I hope productin dosent stray too far from that.

    Ohh and I have to agree that the gto is just a grand prix with a lil more power, they did ruin it.
  16. Pics from the NY Auto Show in April
  17. It really irks me when people says stuff like "The GTO looks too much like the Grand Prix, they ruined it's heritage."

    The GTO has always looked like the Grand Prix, that IS it's heritage!!





  18. Why do you have to use logic to shoot down there weak arguments? Cant they all just live in their fantasy world where the GTO looked like NO OTHER CAR out there?

    The only thing wrong with the new GTO is the weight, thats it folks.
  19. It's weight is not the only issue. It's ugly. Call me silly but I'm not impressed that they put a corvette engine in a grand prix. If I put a cobra motor in a focus would that make it a cool car? Cause ford did so at the sema show.
  20. I hope the production 05 mustang looks alot like the concept.