2005 Mustang Colors (10 choices)

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  1. These colors are really boring to me. Don't get me wrong, some of the colors are fine, but they've just been recycled across all Fords for years it seems. That's not to mention that these colors scream every other car on the road.

    What about windveil blue and legend lime? I'm not impressed at all with either; IMO, they're both terrible additions. If legend lime and windveil blue were darker and more metallic, they could have been awesome. Instead they look cheap--at least in the pictures.

    I was hoping for a new silver that appears darker and stunningly metallic. Our satin silver (the color of my 99' GT) looks white and dull in bright sunlight; I've actually had someone say "I love your white pony." :mad:

    I just don't like pastels and bright colors on cars. I really wanted to see some dark, edgy, modern, metallic colors that floor people as you pass them.
  2. No blue interior upgrade like on that silver GT with the stripes :( :notnice:
    I thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  3. I was wondering about the blue interior as well. Bummer. Anyword on the dual racing stripes that were on the gray GT?
  4. Nothing I've seen. I'm betting that the early cars won't have a lot of available options and mid year after the initial demand is met that more options are added (IE we already know that Convertibles and 18" wheels will get added mid year).
  5. Yeah why are the 18's coming out midyear? I really need those.
  6. Has long that I can get a black Mustang, It's all good !!
  7. The date the public can start ordering as I understand it, is May 24th.
  8. Document removed at the request of Ford Motor Company :shrug:
  9. Actually the order bank is currently open and I have a couple ordered. Note however, that this doesn't necisarily mean that the ones ordered will be the first built!
  10. Ordering

    When were the dealers able to start ordering. I just talked to my dealer two days ago and he said they wouldn't be able to start for probably another week.
  11. Officialy the order bank hasn't opened, but I've got a V6 and a GT ordered and received DORA's back from Ford so the orders took. Please note, that just because its ordered it has NO ADVANTAGE over someone waiting until scheduling starts to order one. The dealer can prioritze orders in the order he wants them and it won't matter when they were ordered.

    I ordered my blk on blk premium GT Monday the 17th, however Iam not sure if it took or not since my dealer had to use my order guid to enter the order. they had not recieved one from ford yet. I called ford fleet to get a copy emailed to me back in Febuary. The order guid is still not on the ford fleet site. I faxed my copy to my dealer so they would have an order guide. My fleet salesman said it took the order but gave a strange production priorty code. The production code would indicate the car would be built January 2004, hince a date already past by a few month to say the least. I keep checking my fleet link for updates on my order but as of now it does not show up as being on order. The dealer gave me my ford order number so I could track it but its not showing up yet. I think the car is ordered but as of now there is no production schedual hince no valid date can be given yet.

    Ps. my order had no pricing either. I dont care realy about that since I have set deal for all the fleet cars and trucks I buy from my dealer so no matter what I will get a fleet price on it. :D
  13. The order guides just came out yesterday. They look to be the same as what was previously posted.

    Pricing won't be available for a while. I expect production to start before pricing is announced.

    Also for those ordering don't fall into the I ordered from the fleet guy trap. Contrary to what most large dealer fleet managers will tell you, the only way to get fleet pricing is to have a valid Fleet ID. To get a FIN number you have to have 15 units in service or buy 5 or more new cars a year.

    If you are ordering without price I recomend working a deal based on paying a certain amount over invoice. This is something you can verify when the car comes in and will eliminate conflicts. The only problem I can see here is that actual invoice will be higher than whats posted online due to Fuel charges and FDAF fee's that all dealers pay. This makes actual invoice 2-300 higher than whats listed on internet sites.

    Also, this is just an educated guess, but I recomend telling the dealer you want the second one he gets scheduled, NOT THE FIRST. The reason for this is that Ford usually holds the first built cars for quality inspections. This means that 90% of the time, the second wave of cars arrives before the first. For example my first 04 F-150 built didn't arrive until 30 days after I got my first one that was actually my second one built. Between the two I recieved others also. This happened on 03 Expedition, 05 Escape, 02 Explorer and just about every new vehicle launch I can think of.
  14. In my case Its not a trap, I have over 50 units in my fleet, I do have a FIN number, like I said I have been trying to track my order on ford fleet.com,which requirers a FIN code and a password to log in.I tracked the last truck I ordered from prefference to recieved at my dealer. My fleet agreement with my Ford dealer for all my ordered units under my FIN code, are priced to me at 300 over tripple net, wich is typicaly at least a $1000.00 or more below invoice. My production code was A4 = january 2004 so we both thought that was really odd but we think the order bank will clear that up once the actual production schedual is set. My fleet man and I figured since it was a fleet order it would not get prefferenced on the first run , maybe not even the second, I personaly don't expect to see the car until sometime in November or December. Its going to be a long summer.
  15. Make mine a redfire aka porno red and slap a little of that on the interior with some charcoal.