2005 Mustang Concept Car / Spy Shots Gallery

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  1. I created a page on Car Domain to show the Concept Car, Spy Shots Car, and the Current model side by side.


    Be sure to vote on the poll and put any thoughts on the guest book. You'll notice that the page is completely objective, I did not put any of my thoughts or feelings on it.
  2. I hope those spy shots are fakes. If they're real - Yukk. Its amazing that Ford could take such great concept and turn it into a box. The whole front turned into a box. Looks awful. Thank God I have a 03 and 68 because no 05 will be sharing driveway space now
  3. Please note that those front and rear pics look like they were taken with a fisheye lens, at least lets hope so! So therefore, I think it's hard to really see how it will look, plus could also be a ploy from Ford marketing to throw people off, who knows!
  4. I am glad to see you guys are thinking and not just accepting the pictures. Careful though, there are those on this board who consider questioning the spy photos as herasy! I have a whole list of questions about that car but know if I ask them I am just going to get flamed again.
  5. I'm hoping that the test mule is a only test car for internal and engine components and not the true body of the new car. I've read other posts which suggest that the mule's body closely resembles the sn95 & current body lines. I agree that the mule pix look strikingly similar to the current stang with only body panel changes and not a new platform.

    I emailed a contact at ford. He is a straght shooter and is high up. I'm hoping he will be allowed to shed some light on this.
  6. No words, just pictures.

    <img src="http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/6/web/426000-426999/426980_19_full.jpg"><img src="http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/6/web/426000-426999/426980_4_full.jpg">
    <img src="http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/6/web/426000-426999/426980_20_full.jpg"><img src="http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/6/web/426000-426999/426980_10_full.jpg">
  7. I don't know why... but I just fell in love with the picture of the rear end of that car. No humping jokes please :)

    It just looks really good IMHO.
  8. good layout.
  9. Ford emailed me and asked me to remove those uncovered spy photos from my site. I strongly suggest you do the same.

    If you're going to grab pics off my site, how about a link back to me in return?
  10. I'm dissapointed in the looks of the stang.....I don't like the rear shot. The concept looked much better. It'll be ok though if they give it some power....I'll drive a ugle car as long as it's got HP! :D
  11. You sound like a Camaro owner!
  12. The reason for the rear end shots was to show the differences in the mufflers, same to show the differences in the interior. The first pic looks alot like that of the current model (look at the gauges and steering wheele). Those parts don't seem to fit together at all. I don't have a point with this, it is just something I noticed.

    Ruffrider: With a name like that and loving it's backend, how can we resist humping jokes! :D

    Bama GT: First, if Ford doesn't like the Car Domain page they can go suck a lemon. I'm sure they will send a request to them if they don't like it. There is nothing on that site to lead them back to me (Unless they sue Car Domain for the IP address and then I've worked on that site from 3 different locations, including a public one). As for the link, I saw them on 3 different sites all of which claimed to be the ones who actually took the pictures. (See why I am not very trusting?) Which site is yours?

    I still say that car looks like it was assembled from parts out of a junkyard and Photoshopped. If you are trying to hide the car's looks while paint it bright white, stick Mustang emblems all over it, and leave it where 3 dozen people can snap photos of it? I still say we all need to take a trip to where this car is being seen, kidnap the driver, and take the car apart.
  13. They are obviously the real thing then, which is a shame IMO. The concept was much better looking (the nose and the rear). :shrug:
  14. If you believe Bama GT :)

    Bama GT: How about forwarding me the e-mail they sent you? [email protected] And I figure it is a pretty safe bet you are Brad Barnett so I added a link to your (that) site, to Magic City Mustangs, and to Stangnet Forums.

    CarDomain kept cutting off the end of my poll question so I had to reword it and in the process reset all the votes :mad: Before I reset it it was 9 for Love It, 3 for Ok, and 5 for Hate it. If you voted please go back and revote. Sorry about that!
  15. I believe I am credible enough in this department and will not forward this information. Think of it this way--would I have removed those pictures for any reason short of threatened legal action??
  16. Whats wrong with owning a Camaro? I think the SS looks ok and the WS6 firebird looks bad a$$......It sure as heck looks better than the white mustang pictured above :D
  17. To answer that I will just refer to a previous post, which was a direct responce to your saying you had to take them down because of the e-mail:

    Now now! Remember, no direct personal attacks. Your buddy Bama GT, who thanks you on his website, doesn't like direct personal attacks. :nono: He is lord and master of the 2005 Mustang forum and will shut down this thread if you keep up those personal attacks. Be nice! :cheers: Smile! :D And remember, no :flame:

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  18. i nwould think ford can only make you take them down if the pics are owned by them. If they arent, then its their fault for letting someone snap some pics.
  19. They have to test the car, so it's going to be seen. There are rules against publishing photos like these, as evidenced by D_C losing his job for distributing them.