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  1. I take it you missed my post requesting a copy of that e-mail, and his responce refusing to send it. In other words, his saying he received an e-mail from Ford is just that, his saying so. And as I said above, I don't trust people online that much. :D And if he did have it I wanted to see how it was worded. If he did receive an e-mail from Ford it does not mean they are real, it just means Ford is afraid that those pictures might hinder the marketability of the car. If someone is spreading fake pictures of their future product, espically pictures that show said product in a negative way, they might request their removal. I see from your avatar that you are an anime fan. So am I. Awhile back ago a buddy of mine with an Evangelion site got a request from Gainax to remove some fan artwork that improperly advertised the movie the End of Evangelion. He took it down, just happy to get an e-mail from Gainax. He forwarded me the e-mail since I had the same artwork on a site of mine at the time. The artwork was somewhat against the movie, since they decided to end the series like they did. I didn't take mine down and never heard from them. I don't know if they would have any legal claim to pictures like that but I think they can request , as in ask, anything they want.
  2. I keep hoping im goin to wake up out of this nightmare. When I first heard Ford was goin to style off the 60's cars I figured there was nothing that could go wrong. Ive been a mustang fan since before i could walk, its in my blood. But there is just not one thing i can say i honestly like about that car.

    Ford keeps goin retro, well guys guess what theres a good reason why its retro, its because people were tired of the design back then. the design is not agressive enough, and the hood is terrible id much rather a fake hood scoop then a big bubble. The concept car was pretty much perfect, everyone loved that car, now alot of people hate this one, and with good reason. arghh I hope ford reads all this stuff and takes a hint, but i know deep down inside this is what were getting-if they make this car look like the way it is in those picture it may join the tbird, maybe it will grow on me, but i just dont know at this moment. This is all i want..and im sure all of you other guys would love to have.


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  3. Aren't those just the spy photos that were posted on the Car Connection?
  4. No. The Car Connection emailed me and asked if they could use them, so I asked the photographer if it was okay, and he told me to delete the files. (I didn't.) Mustang Weekly also asked me if they could use them, but I don't have the authority to give them permission. Both companies passed because posting them was too risky.

    Twenty bucks says Mustang Maniac doesn't believe that. :rolleyes:
  5. If you are talking about me then get my name right. It's MANICMustangMan. Don't try and nice it up by changing it to Maniac... :nono: And if you are going to be making money off me then I want a cut! :D How about 60/40 (with me getting the 60), since I'm the one doing all the saying?
  6. The official pictures won't come soon enough.
  7. :bang: :damnit: :fuss: :puke: :notnice:

    why couldnt they keep the concept rear end...WHAT THE HEll is wrong with ford...

    Everyone fell inlove with the concept..and they chop it to hell..I CAN'T ANYMORE..I REALLY CAN'T
  8. Maniac Mustang:

    He's got a Mustang site that he works hard to maintain, and he's been a member of this site for a very long time providing pictures and info to other members that trust his sources. What would he have to gain by making up stuff like you're suggesting? Why would he bother? All of us have seen the purported '05 Stang spyshots and photoshops, but they're still fairly "recent" news. If you can provide a SINGLE logical reason why he would remove the white Mustang pictures from his Mustang site - other than a threat of legal action - then you might have a case. If not, take your negativity and '05 bashing over to LS1.com where people might actually care, because I feel I speak on behalf of most of us here when I say your tirades are getting tiresome.
  9. Amen to that one.

  10. :cheers: I'm with you on this one.
  11. I edited this down quite a bit from my original responce. To make a nasty responce short, this is a dead subject. I provided what I, and several others, felt were logical "reasonings" to my thoughts on the "White Car." Those who had an open mind and could think for themselves did just that, think about it, and came to their own conclusions. They might agree or disagree with me but either way is fine as long as they gave it some though. This is something you are obviously not willing to do. Yes, it is much easier to just accept something that someone else hands you, espically if it is something you are wanting to see, but that way is not necissarly the best way. At any rate, I have said all I felt that needs to be said on this issue about 2 weeks ago and anything else would just be beating a dead horse. In other words, if you want this subject line to go away then quit posting about it and it will.

    Bama GT: Why don't you close this thread, to help it die?
  12. To add fuel to the fire, a friend of mine who works at a Ford dealer recently saw pictures of the final production model. He says that the front end is the same as what we saw in the spy shot, but the rear end is somewhat different. The second pic of the interior (the one with the steering wheel centered in it) is correct.

    Take it for what it's worth.

    EDIT: He also says the GT engine (a beefed up 4.6) will have 300hp and 365lb/ft of torque. The V6 will remain the same 3.8 for now (damnit!), and the Cobra will have the same engine it does now.
  13. Hey, look what happened to the Tbird

    I will make this note....

    The production TBIRD looked nearly identical to the concept inside and out. Which of course made everyone happy. However, everyone quickly grew disgusted when they found out they'd have to pay for that. $36-$41k!!!!

    Now here we have the 2005 GT concept and the production. Yes, Ford could have made the concept and then everyone would have been happy. But then they'd have to charge a very non-Mustang price of $36-42K for it! Forget what a Cobra would run in 2006.

    Now some of us would gladly pay that to get a true American icon that looks as good as all the German and *some* of the Japanese imports. But it is not to be.

    See Ford knows the TBIRD flopped due to price. They will not make the same mistake with their bread and butter Mustang. Between Stang sales and F150s Ford is surviving on these two products. That and SUVs make up the near loss they run with the Focus sales. ;)
  14. I doubt very seriously the Mustang is Ford's bread and butter, they sell far more SUV's and Pickups than they do Mustangs I would be willing to bet, at least around here, the main thing on the lots around here are those vehicles!
  15. F-Series sales are Ford's "bread and butter".
  16. I swear to god, if ford teases us with a concept that is H-O-T and gives us that other P-O-S, I will never buy another mustang or possibly a ford. Dont get me wrong i love my '95 COBRA SVT, '04SVT(just got it), '03 f250 turbo diesel, But those would be the last fords i get.
  17. Well as I said, F150s are Fords bread and butter, but they do sell a TON of Stangs too. I forget the numbers but they sold through a huge number this last year.
  18. If you would give up buying F-series trucks because you didn't like the styling of the new Mustang, then you sir, are an idiot.