2005 Mustang Concept Car / Spy Shots Gallery

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  4. I'm sure it will grow on everyone if it really is that butt-ugly... I remember being 17 wanting a '98 Yellow GT hardtop, my Dad wouldn't co-sign and said wait until '99 when you'll be 18. I said "NO!! Those new Mustangs are butt ugly." and now I've had two of them. But why can't we just have a car for once that doesn't have to "grow" on anyone? I was in love from the concept pics, and that's a first for me (even Ferrari's new car [the 360] wasn't good looking to me at first.) I just hope those pics are bogus... :\
  5. Umm... everyone says the concept would cost too much money... I ask how much does it cost to mold plastic (bumpers and lights) into a BETTER shape?

    The concept is VERY nice, those "production" pictures look like a cheapo... and DEFINANTLY doesnt look like a 28-33k car.
  6. BINGO! That's the same question I was wondering... is the few bucks saved worth the ugliness of the cheaper product?
  7. I dont agree the whole T-BIRD downfall was 100% due to price... it is/was an impractical 2 seater, slow and in my eyes.. ugly because "we" werent really READY to go into RETRO styling... and I still dont think we are...

  8. hehe I remember when the new F150's came out. I remember telling my friend how ugly it was back in 1997. I said it looked like a sack of crap thrown on 4 wheels because of all the curved lines. And in 1999 I bought a used 1997 XLT 4x4 with the flairside box. I loved that truck :D

    As far as the Mustang goes, I really love the prototypes. I'm making a lot of money now and buying a new mustang is actually something I can do now. But I'm waiting a few years to see what my options will be with the new models. In the mean time I'm building up a 89 Fox which really is a car that has nothing to do with the Mustang heritage (speaking from a looks standpoint).

    Remember the prototype for the SN95? LOL it was a little different from the production models. I hate the looks of the first SN95 series, but the recent more "square" or "boxy" designs appeal to me very much. So if the 2005 looks like crap I will get a 2004 Mach 1 :D

    The white car is too tall, the ass is too high and the front end isn't well balanced. It can not be a final car as it looks more like a rushed job (from a designer's perspective). I wouldn't want to pay more than the current Mustang unless it had waaay more power. And even then, I'd rather add the power myself later on.

    Let's just hope the car will be somewhat true to its past. We all know that Ford can't please everyone on the planet. So long as enough people like it enough to keep the Mustang alive for many years to come.
  9. Well, I suppose APC can make a repro cover for the front....same as it does for Civics and such :nice:
  10. Look at the difference on both cars (post #6). The left car talilights look like 99-04 taillights and the right one speaks for itself, makes you wonder what the final one is going to look like.
  11. Did anyone notice the 94-04 instruments?

    What is this car?!?!?!?

    I just hope it isnt the real deal... please.
  12. Thoroughly Disappointed

    If the spy shot are true, I won't be getting one. The concept is an awesome blend of old styling cues mixed with a modern muscular flair. It, to me, is even somewhat exotic looking.
    The spy shots show they really don't care what we want, they just want to cut corners where needed to make a buck. Concepts are just for publicity. It's an aweful shame they don't make the concept a reality.

    Very Disappointed!
  13. I remember the fords spokeswoman and the executives at the dallas auto show say "This is the concept, however, the real GT won't be much further off, maybe a rear styling change, rear seats, and of course, some doorhandles!"

    Make a friggin mold that looks one of a kind... whenever someone sees a GT they will just AWWEEE and when they see a COBRA they will just say THAT IS ONEEEE FAST CAR...

    But ford is KNOWN to CUT CORNERS on EVERYTHING...
  15. We should all band together and sue all automakers for creating such big pieces of crap that you have to go buy a truck from the 70s just so you can get 100,000kms out of it without it needing massive repair/service/part replacement. The crap that rolls off the line just goes straight to the shop, its sad and Im traumatized that I will never see the vehicle of my dreams come to market without it costing me more then all the equity in my name.

  16. Maybe you should get everyone who wants the concept body work together. Then offer to pay for the molds. Then you could purchase the car you want. And Ford wouldn't have to worry about making more costly molds
  17. umm they can simply modify the existing bumper mold driven from the concept(and I do believe they made MORE than just the 2 or 3 that are on the concepts themselves)...

    Like I said earlier... HOW MUCH CAN IT COST TO MOLD PLASTIC? If ya designed it right the first time... dont change it... Ford has a very hard time with FEEDBACK... they just dont listen... well sorry... they do... but they are VERY late at presenting items to the table...

    But anyway its not only the bumpers that are hideous... the car has the TALL DOOR syndrome... meaning just liek todays mustangs... no matter how high you sit... all you see is the persons lil head popping up... I mean get real... non functioning side scoops(at least they WERE SUPPOSE to serve a purpose on the old GT's and the 94/95 model years, 96+ didnt have ANY function)

    I just hope to see the final product and cant wait to see new bumpers from SALEEN, STEEDA, ROUSCH... and our favorite brand APC!

    Then MAYBE, MAYBE I will be sold to it... as I was with the BEAUTIFUL concept.
  18. I totally agree with every single word you just said. :nice:

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  19. Call up some companies that build molds. Ask them what the costs would be. You will find that the more complex they are. The more the mold costs. I personally don't see the tall door thing on every mustang. I'm a tall driver and appreciate the headroom. So you either shrink the door and extend the glass. Or you raise the roof. Which then everyone complains even more about the height of the car. To me the concept seems to suffer more from a tall door syndrome than the test version.
  20. I like the taller doors. I much prefer the lower driver look. I mean if I wanted the whole world to see my elbows to the top of my head I'd buy a Bug.