2005 Mustang Concept Car / Spy Shots Gallery

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  1. Or an Izuzu truck! :lol:
  2. Actually an old GEO tracker. Those things had the largest side windows I've ever seen.
  3. Yes, those were huge! :lol:
  4. I tell ya, the 2005 is starting to grow on me.

    But the first thing to go will be that gawdawful WING! The concept doesn't have it and neither should the production car.

    It looks tacky and added as an after thought. Like all Mustang factory wings! I really was hoping they would have killed the wing by now! GET OVER IT, THE 80s ARE OVER!

    Also, lower the car 2". That and some snazzy wheels...maybe this car won't be so bad. Oh and black of course. ;)
  5. That's exactly what I planned on doing. :nice:
  6. Man, I hope that's not what they plan on releasing! Eww... That's not the concept car everyone has wow'ed over. When I heard a few Ford execs say the production model will look very similar to this concept car, I was on board and already started saying, "I'm gonna get one".

    After seeing these pics... (which I hope are fake) I just lost my hard on. That's not the muscle car I'll be driving. It might be time to look at a Z06 or used Viper in 05', I guess.
  7. Hi guys: well I don’t know what went wrong with between the concept car and the production pics. I mean I could see and feel the concept on the streets, it really looks like the 60’s stang and my questions is if they could make it back then why can they make it now. Now the production one looks like the current stang, but don’t get me wrong I love my 01 Stang. Now I hoe that they are going for a smooth transition but I don’t know about that.
    I don’t know about the interior but It looks like a cadi. Now if the change it because of the second row seats, well we all know that the second row seats are very small, they just needed to make it a couple of inches longer and that’s it.
    I don’t know hopefully is not that different from the concept, but I’ll probably wait until the next body type comes out, It has to be better anyways. And I hope they go fer the concept.

    Anyways i love mustangs.
  8. Caught this at a PA diner recently.


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  9. Nice wheels!! Wonder if Ford knows about this? :lol:

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  10. You know...I think you guys are way too hung up on the concept car. Anyone who belived the production car would look just like the concept is a fool. Production cars never EVER look exactly like their respective concepts. Judging by the spyshots, and computer renderings, I'd say they did a pretty good job at bringing back the classic Mustang look. If the concept had never been built, and all we had was the current spyshots, you guys would be creaming your pants over the new design. Don't deny it. The "produciton" one looks ALOT like the concept, and short of comparing the pics side by side, most people would not notice much differentiation.

    I am willing to bet that most of your hatred for the new design stems from your dissapointment that the produciton model doesn't look exaclty the same as the concept. There is no other explination as to how someone could absolutely love and absolutely hate two cars that look very much the same. I personally think this is going to be one of the best looking production Mustangs since 1970.

  11. I totally agree!!

    I don't get how people say the concept car is THAT different! Sure there are minor differences...the front looks a little different, the taillights are different...but c'mon! The rest of the car looks very very similar to the concept.

    Like the above poster said - I have never seen such love and hate for two cars that look almost identical!!

    You know what I personally think the problems are? Two things...the wheels, and the colour. No offense to people with white cars, but the colour is horrible. Take a look at the Chazcron and Vyto renderings. With a different colour, this car looks great!

    As far as the wheels go, it will look MUCH better with fatter, larger wheels. That will go a long way to improving the rear-end looks.

    Once you see the car in real life (and even in January) a lot (not all, but a lot) are going to change their tunes. We don't even know if this car is a GT, V6, or whatever. To me, it looks like a combination of both. In January, all our questions will be answered.
  12. I don't think it was the color nearly as much as the type of lens used.