2005 Mustang Cuts Out During Starting

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  1. This is my wife's 05 Saleen 3v that I drive often. Every other day I will go to start it, and it will crank like normal but only turn over a few times before just stopping. I thought at first I just wasn't used to the way Fords start (holding the key down a little longer) but now I am certain it's not me, it cuts out when the key is turned all the way. After this occurs it will either do it one more time, start right up, or turn over slightly more than usual and start. Sometimes it even seem to start for a brief moment but dies. We had some battery problems since owning it, as many 05+ owners have. I suspected the battery, and indeed could see in my 2 year old battery that one of the cells was bad. I replaced it a few months ago with a new one and the problem still occurs occasionally. I also just replaced my gauge motors in my instrument cluster because the coolant temp gauge started to go bad and I've noticed that my voltage is actually higher than before changing the motors, leading me to believe this is a more accurate reading (reads 1/4 past the half way mark as opposed to staying on the half way point) so I think I'm getting enough juice. Maybe starter? What do you think?

    Car has 60k miles and a new battery. No mods other than those performed by Saleen.
  2. The first thing to rule out would be the spark plugs. Change em and see what happens.
    Also inspect the positive battery cable contact points on both ends.
  3. thanks for the reply, i'll let you know if I find anything.