2005 Mustang Driver Floorboard Flooded. Help


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Dec 4, 2019
Hey new to owning a mustang and new to these forums. Have a 2005 Mustang with about 107k miles on it and bought the car about 2 months ago. It rained heavily this past Friday, and flooded my driver floorboard. Finally got everything dry, and took it in to a dealership, they are saying the repairs are estimated to $2000. He said the tech found the cowel panel warped allowing water to stand still in several places and overflowing into the inside of the car. He also said he found the drains clogged and some bad seals. What I am trying to figure out from you brilliant ford owners (wow I am desperate lmao), what can I do to clear all of the drains in the car. Is there a diagram online? Any suggestions? Also I plan on doing the pressurized water leak cabin test, if someone could dumb down the steps for me that would be amazing(I am barely competent when it comes to fixing things on cars). Going to try and get the adviser to send me a list of the parts and labor needed.

Update: Spoke to the guy trying to drain my bank account, he said the cowl grille on the mustang is warped and needs to be replaced ($380+labor). I thought the cowl grille had drains that emptied out the water, so why would I need to replace the cowl grille? I also need weatherstripping for the upper door seal, any suggestions on cheaper options? They want $230+labor for replacing that when I have seen online people using amazon weatherstripping.
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Jun 13, 2007
They aren't called stealerships for nothing!
You basically have two problems (forget the bull:poo: about the cowl cover being warped):

1. The cowl drains are blocked. Remove the cowl cover (easy) and unblock the drain grommets. This will allow the rain water to flow out. Replace the cabin air filter while you're there.

2. The rectangular plastic grommets below the windshield that the cowl cover clips into are probably perished, allowing rainwater to seep into the cabin. You can get stock replacement units.

You'll find good instructional videos in YouTube if you type 2005 Mustang water leak in the search box.


May 27, 2004
Homestead Fla.
Bullet95 is 100% correct. Had the same issue. Cleaned out the drains and changed the cabin filter. Lots of leaves and debris in with the cabin filter.