2005 Mustang....good for Chevrolet?

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  1. I think so. I am a big Mustang fan but seriously do not like seeing the extinction of the rivals. I mean it's fun to poke an joke about, but my heart always skips a beat when a nice rival pulls alongside.

    I think this new Mustang will not only be good for Ford and Mustang fans, but ultimately for Camaro fans as well. This new(old) image redesign should boost interest in the muscle car again and make Chevy hungry while at the same time giving them a familiar direction to design by. They will be able to feed off of the newly created adreneline and hopefully produce a classic/modern Camaro of their own. Personally, I would love to see a Camaro to match the new Mustang style.
  2. Don't worry you'll always have ricers who think they're a rival. :lol:
  3. For GM to have a decent car that would compare quality wise to the Mustang, they had to go to Austrailia to get it. The Goat appears to be a fine car. But two different catagories. The sad part is there is demand for this car but GM doesn't know how to import the car, and then distribute to the local dealer. You still here of people waiting for their cars.
  4. the vet

    my goal is to be in the same league as the vett to hell with a z-28,thunder chicken,or trans am lol and as far as the goat,well all thatis an accord w/ls1 motor nothing like a real goat.
  5. On the flip side of the coin, I think the lack of a Camaro is actually a bad thing for Mustang. I think that is why they put that 2005 right next to the GM sign...to taunt them back into reality. There needs to be a sector. Imports aren't it. Vette isn't it.
  6. THe Mustang and Camaro are both good for each other. Without the LS1 cars kicking 99 and '01 Cobra ass we never would have got the SuperChraged Cobra in '03. THe old Cobras were fast, just not LS1 Fast, so Ford needed to add a blower.

    If the new Mustang sells well, The Chevy and Dodge will want to get in on that market share and will build new Camaros and Chargers. Then we will have a HP war, and in a HP war the real winner is the consumer.

    I also expect The GTO to get the 400HP LS2 or LS6 in 2005 to stay that much more ahead of the Mustang GT.

    I hope every new RWD car that comes out does good, I'd rather see people driveing RWD than FWD junk or SUVs.
  7. Hopefully its good for Pontiac. They really need to pull a 64 Goat up to a couple of Cadillac Designers and say we want a modern version of this.
  8. Camaros and Trans-Ams were getting a little pricey during their final years, particularly for those who optioned them out. Man does GM stick it to you on the options list! That said, I think GM will have trouble rebuilding both cars AND keep them within a price range close to the Mustangs. Every year that GM is out of the muscle car market, it will only get more difficult for them to enter the market with a car(s) that can maintain strong sales year after year. Ford is keeping the Mustangs price tag in a very realistic and opportunistic range, plus Ford has the aftermarket in its back pocket that guarantees the loyalty of stangers. If Ford builds it....we will come with a vengence.

    I've liked lots of GM vehicles in the past, but they don't seem to be going in the right direction with a lot of their vehicles (not including the vette and that ungodly powerful truck). Some of the vehicles look cheaper and do not appear progressive, just cartoonish. Maybe it's just me, but when I pass the Pontiac dealer and Chevrolet dealer on the way to work and back everyday, I've yet to see a single vehicle that looks interesting (obviously I'm not looking for something to replace the stang, just an overall observation of mainstream vehicles). Maybe I'm slightly biased and maybe my sense of style/appeal is different than most, but I think most manufacturers are missing the mark and for the most part, the sales speak for themselves. Oh well.

    I'd love to see a properly done goat. But it would have to be done right.

    Someone at GM is wishing they didn't pull their muscle cars from production. Doh!!! Chevy guys would be eating up new camaros and trans-ams to try to show up the new stangs, but now they've got nothing. Kind of wish that weren't true, but thank God we still have the stang. Can't wait to buy my third stang.
  9. What ungodly powerful trick are you talking about? I'm not up on current Chevy trucks.
  10. Sorry, brain farted. The truck belongs to Dodge. Not sure if it will even go into production, just saw an article on it. Now I remember, the truck was fitted with a Viper engine. Not my flavor, but no doubt interesting.
  11. wasn't it a dakota? sounds a little like the lightning engine in the ranger to me - would be cool if ford released that one :). however, I remember hearing something that this one might actually go to production
  12. haha! I believe it is the Ram though. SVT will have to boost the Lightning a good bit, but at some point all that power is going to be increasingly more difficult to get good traction and hook-ups. Maybe they'll use the dually model for more traction!!!
  13. a dually and a rear suspension similar to the 87 buick GNX would probably work well :)

    would definately need more weight in the back though

    anyway, back on topic....
  14. your too late gm is already hadea of you. i read in a motor trend that pontiac already gas plans for a GTO Judge, its going to have a different body kit on it and the LS6 from the current corvette.

    yes it is true dodge has the SRT-10 Ram pickup, it is already out and i have seen on one the road. it actually has viper engine with all of the viper markngs still on it and everything. it also makes 500 HP
  15. You can tell you guys aren't GM followers, heh.

    The 2004 GTO is a stop-gap car. It's a 3-year run.... after which, a Pontiac Division GM-designed and U.S.-built version will replace it. The new version is speculated to be considerably more aggressive in its styling -- for those who think the '04 is too mildly designed...

    On the other hand, if you're like me, and you like how the Grand Prix looks, but wanted it RWD with a V8 -- the '04 GTO is just perfect.... and that interior.... wow.... it's BMW-esque at a price lower than a 330i and vastly lower than an M3, and with more power than both. It's got a 350hp V8, IRS, 6-speed, NICE interior, and room for 4 ADULTS in it... This isn't a Camaro back seat.... it's actually meant to be a 4 passenger car.... I can see some appeal here.... I'm the kind who would have a Monte Carlo SS if it was RWD V8.... and that's who will buy this car.

    Anyway, I agree, that the new Mustang is good for making GM wake up a little about the Camaro. Rumor is an '07 is in the early stages now.... the hold-up was an appropriate platform. The Sigma wasn't an appropriate platform, but apparently the upcomign Holden platform willl work... they will cut the length down and it will give them the low-cowl look they need for a Camaro.... we shall see in a year or so when some drawings should surface.

  16. That would be why we're on stangnet. :lol:
    But seriously. Do you think GM will put out a real performer. They seem to be in the truck market now. The SSR is another truck the don't really need. And the SS Silverado blew chunks if you compare it to what came out. Although lots of people are talking about a new camaro. I think they are losing serious market share by waiting until a possible 07 intro. That's 4 years from now. And the possiblity of a lot of changes in the market place.
  17. I think for a rivalry to form there has to be an actual element of competition somewhere.
  18. Nowhere did I ever say I considered them rivals. But they consider me a rival.
  19. I know. I was joking too. Quick Reply is great, but no smilies means you can't always show your emotions too well.
  20. it's too bad about what happened to the camaro... hell I make fun of them left right and center (well all chevs actually) but doesnt mean I dont like em! just means I dont like em as much as Fords :nice: heh

    it is sad though, the mustang and the camaro were a nice, albeit strange pair. it was a good rivalry! c'mon what else is out there for us now... hondas=not in our league. corvette=out of our league :p Hopefully the camaro will return and the pony car war can continue. plus, then I'll have a new camaro to make fun of :banana: