2005 Mustang....good for Chevrolet?

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  1. the thing about the gto is it isnt a muscle car, its another big sedan. the hp aint that spectacular for that kinda car, alot of v6 sedans are in the 250-270 range, for a mid twenties price
  2. :stupid: Maybe the Chevy boys' dreams will prove true and the camaro will be reborn in '07. It would be 1967 all over again. :hail2:
  3. 350HP for a 3700 pound car is decent. And it is a muscle car. By definition a muscle car is a mid-size sedan with a big HP engine.
  4. Even in 1967 Camaro production was less than half what the Mustang sold.

    Score: 472,121 Mustangs 220,917 Camaros In 1967
  5. I want to see GM bring back the Camaro and Firebird. I also want to see Dodge bring back the Charger and Challenger. And I want to see Plymouth bring back the early 70's Barracuda and GTX. And finally, I would like to see GM bring back the REAL GTO, not the Pontiac Grand AM. The GTO looks FUGLY!
  6. Hey. Don't forget the sixties Cougar
  7. I cant say I miss the camaro, but it would be cool to have my generation pumped with the late 60's car enthusiasm. The rivalry always brought out the best from each company, that's why my favorite cars ever are old school muscle. As long as this new camaro looks NOTHING like the past 25 years of camaros I'll be happy. I hope they do the retro thing, but at least try to follow ford's lead, and do it right.

    I think the last thing chevy needs is a redesigned catfish (late 90's model). They gotta do it retro, or if not some awesome new redesign. Either way would be cool with me.
  8. Well since they can't make it look like a gran prix. The GTO already occupies that niche. It's going to be very hard to design a firebird. Unless they go after the sunfire/cavalier. :D
  9. Oh my! I forgot the Cougar. YES! Bring back the Cougar too. And build the Eliminator again.
  10. I looked up the specs on the GTO. Its alot smaller than it looks. Only 189.8 inches in length for the GTO. The new Mustang comes in at 187.6 inches To put this in perspective the now dead Camaro was 193.5 inches After seeing that. I would have to say the GTO is in the Mustangs market. To bad its competition in the market will be the top of the line Mustang.

    Looks like they brought the GTO back as a pony car after all. To bad its priced out of the Mustangs range. That and it looks like every other pontiac.
  11. In my opinion the new GTO is an uninspired design. The attitude is missing for it to be considered a musclecar to me.
  12. Same here. If it looked like a modern version of a 64 Goat. That would be cool. Hell I'm a huge Ford fan, but if it looked like that. I would even think about getting one.
  13. Uninspired design, seems this is the norm not the excepsion.The power is back,but how many of these new designs will last the test of time and become the classics. It's funny, we're having to go back to get our queus for styling,this does'nt seem right.I too would like to see a new Camaro but I would like to see a fresh new design that is as inspiring as the first generation was without being a knock off of it.
  14. Affirmative.

    It takes more than HP to make a great car. Look at the butt ugly WRX... if it had a 1000 HP it would still blow.. it's ugly...
  15. Idunno, it looks a lot better since they got rid of those freaky bug eyes. Reminded me of a Neon before. Either way, it's still a lot better than the Evo.
  16. The world doesn't stop and still goes around. Forget about those deceased competitions. These are some examples of what Mustang owners will face. Fear these two because of what they are capable of while still retaining every day drivability. Before you are accusing me of anything, I do love and proud of my '66 Stang. The car is beautiful, fun to drive, and easy to work with the way it is. However, Mustang must keep up with the competions to keep the respects from general audience. My biggest regret for the 05 is no IRS. A world class car must have a very good handling and traction; power alone is inssuficient these days.

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  17. That's some awfully big wings there. If I see them I laugh.
    Sure a world class car must have good handling. But unless you've taken a test drive in the 05 then none knows how well it handles. It's not the same mustang suspension that was in the sn95.
  18. Why would anybody in their right mind want to buy a high horsepower car like an EVO or like a Subaru WRX STi if the car is ugly. I cannot see anyone wanting to own an ugly car like these 2 cars mentioned here just because they have high horsepower. The young crowd like the Generation Xers and Generation Yers are the ONLY ones whom I know that really like these ugly cars.
  19. Something around here a lot of people don't relize is that Pontiac didn't design the GTO the way it is. Everything about the '04 GTO is designed by Holden for the Monaro, Pontiac just did the front bumper cover to make it "look like a Pontiac". I read that If they wanted to do a total reskin it would have delayed the car 2 more years. If you wan't a more agressive GTO you will have to wait until the '05 model. Pontiac has a 3 year deal with Holden to make 18,000 GTOs a year. Then an all new redesigned GTO will be built in the states for 2007.

    350HP is pretty good, the car is the same weight as the Cobra, but only 40HP/25tq less.
  20. huh? So if you want a more agressive 05 wait for 07?