2005+ Mustang GT Concept Colors

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  1. is the new Mustang coming only in red and silver?
  2. I would really doubt it, that would be a pretty bad move by Ford. I'm sure you'll have red, white, green, blue, yellow (maybe), and whatever else is available today.
  3. Why would it only come in 2 colors?
  4. Yes. Yes it is. The "Motor Trend", and "Hot Rod" magazine photos with the blue production models were totally wrong, it's also going to only have two seats, the roof will be made of glass, and it's going to have over 400 horsepower.
  5. I heard its not painted from the factory...you have to paint it yourself after you buy it :shrug:
  6. :lol:
  7. There is a website out there that is a group that actually tell you what colors are going to be most popularly offered by MFG's.

    The SET color.

    Notice how there are lots of blue cars lately, last year was a yellow hype, year before was silver....

    I forgot the website, but when I remember it, I will be sure to let you guys know.
  8. Ya know if they would knock off 3000 bucks off the price I'd be ok with that. :) Custom paint shop here I come.
  9. :lol:

    I hope they have sonic blue :nice:
  10. Any talk on Mineral Gray?

    I kinda doubt it... but I love that color.

    ...whats with the racing stripes? do they come standard with the GT?
  11. Thinks Mineral Grey 05 GT :drool:
  12. They should build a PERFORMANCE RED Mustang GT again. Performance Red is a sweet color.