2005 Mustang GT Engine Pictures!

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  1. Is it just me, or does that look like a GM setup?

    Although I know the GT40 has the throttle body setup in the front like that...
  2. OoO, tru ram air maybe.
  3. I was thinking that as well. It's hard to make out the detail on the valve covers though...heh they should taken them off so we could check the setup out. heh somebody is gonna get fired for this.
  4. Wow those runners are long. Perhaps it'll be torquey. Also the intake looks very tall and that a bulgy hood would be needed and the pics roaming around do show the stang with a bulgy hood. It just looks weird with all that room under the upper intake, like a s/c could nicely fit there.

  5. Yes very much so. Hopefully that is a sign of better performance.

    Agh damn plastic runners. :notnice:
  6. What is with the header??? did they pull an original 65's exhaust manifold and put it on there... wow very rusty.
  7. it wasn't treated. you could leave painted, brand new cast iron out for a few weeks, and it could look like that.
  8. That looks to be an aluminum block too. notice around the water pump and center valley between the heads. I thought for was staying with the iron block? I don't like the plastic runners either. But I guess if it is an aluminum block it will help with lightening up the pony. :nice:
  9. 1:18 PM called. They want their thread back! HAHA
  10. What does anyone have against plastic intake runners anyway? There lighter, smoother, cheaper, and cooler -- everything one could, objectively, possibly want for an intake.

    Unless, of course, you prefer heavier, rougher, more expensive and hot enough to cook on...

  11. I think it has something to do with them not doing well with nitrous for some reason.

    Are we sure this isn't off of one of the trucks?
  12. Looks kind of like the LS1 to me...that would be nice if it put out some similar numbers :banana:
  13. I don't know the specifics of the 4.6L 2-valve....but do these pictures either give us hope for a possible option for the 3-valve intake on the 2-valve...or do they kill any ideas of part sharing between the two? Just curious...thanks!
  14. I thought the new engine was supposed ot be 3V. :shrug:
  15. The new motor is a 3-valve...I was only wondering for us folks with the 2-valve in our Stangs if this motor is going to offer any possible head swap/intake swap options for us 2-valvers. :nice: OF course...I'm guessing not....but other people may know if the intake ports and all of the intake pieces would be able to be swapped over or not. Thanks!
  16. The Head Covers look like a cross between the 2 valve and 4 valve head covers :shrug:
  17. can anyone see what type of tranny its hooked up to?
  18. ?

    Why would someone get fired for a posted picture?

    It has been said before, but I don't understand how.

    School me.:nice:
  19. Anyone else notice there are no linkages? Could it be that ford is finally going to electronic throttle control?