2005 Mustang GT On Nitrous

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  1. This is the thread that will chronicle my Nitrous Express install that will take place in another week or so.

    For the time being I have finally received my discount pricing on the following:

    Nitrous Express Ford Stage 1 EFI Kit - 10lb Bottle (20922-10) ... $484.49
    Nitrous Express Generation 2 Upgrade Kit (Genx2) ... $323.24
    Nitrous Express Electronic Full Throttle Switch (15961) ... $96.74
    Nitrous Express Ford 4.6 Fuel Rail Adapter (16183) $50.00

    I've always wanted to run nitrous on one of my vehicles and now I'll finally be getting my chance. The above items are what is neccessary for a complete and safe install for the 05 GT. Let this be your list to compete with the Zex package.

    It'll be any day now that I pull the trigger on the purchase. I'll update again when I get a bit more info myself. :D

  2. I plan on going the same route, already have the kit, just need the TPS and fuel rail adapter. Probably not going in for a few weeks so make sure you take pictures to make my life easier :D
  3. Hey cleveland, why are you going with the Nitrous Express system. Zex has one for less then $600. Is Zex a bad system or has a lot of problems. I am think about Nitrous and was looking at the Zex in a couple of months.
  4. Im running a Zex kit and I havent had any problems. According to MM&FF the first 10 second 05 GT ran a Zex kit.
  5. the nitrous express system is more complete and i believe safer, i would choose this or the nos kit with the nossles
  6. one question I have is I've seen lots of people run nitrious and S/C with high HP increase. Not once I've heard of anyone running colder plugs.

    I used to veiw a N2O and boost forum alot and was always told to run 1 range colder per 50-75hp increase. especially with N2O cause of the tendency of the plug to become a glow plug causing detonation.

    Also does anyone know what type (mat.) plug Ford uses cause gold and plat plugs are a no no conserning N2O. Most dont use then in boost aplications either. It's Copper or Iriduim. ( some N2O users have had trouble with IR too)

    I used to run a Zex kit and it worked great. Very easy install and very good beginner N2O kit. Best bang for the buck type thing.

    The NX is more expensive and harder to hide and install but I have heard (not ever owning one myself) from many that they are a more reliable kit (solniods) and rate there nozzles at the wheel where zex rates at the crank.
  7. You may want to check on that fuel rail adaptor.....that looks like the 2003-2004 adaptor; the 2005 adaptor is different.

    The ZEX kit is a totally complete system and I have been safely spraying for the last couple months with no issues. It also includes an arming switch that plugs into the power point in the arm rest. A very easy and clean way of getting power to the solenoids, without having to drill a hole in your interior for a toggle switch. ZEX has pics of a '05 GT installation on their website.
  8. The reason I wanted to use Nitrous Express is because I have heard from many people that when it comes to Nitrous applications NX is the best and safest.

    Zex may be a very good kit and ready to go for the 05 GT but for the addition of the Fuel Pressure gauge covers the price difference for the amount of items I will be installing. There was a $50 price difference between the 2 packages anyways, so this is negligable to me.

    I was told, by a NX rep., that the NGK TR6 Gap @ .035 (colder version of the NG5) is the plug of choice but I will be getting another opinion before I get the plugs. From what my catalog system reads to me about the Autolite Plug available is that there is a specific plug for the 3V engine but nothing more.

    I was also told that the Nitrous Express Ford Fuel Rail Adapter will work for my vehicle's rail.

    I will be taking pictures of the install but I probably wont include pictures of the reconstruction of the trunk's interior and the showcase for the Bottle.

    Tomorrow is purchase day. :nice:

  9. The 3 valve engine uses a unique plug design, the TR6 plug that was recommended does not physically fit in the engine.

    .....the fuel rail adaptor in that picture is the wrong adaptor for the 2005, 3 valve engine....... I'm not trying to be a jerk, just don't wan't you to order the wrong parts.

    You may want to ask a few more people some questions about what you are doing, it sounds like you are getting some bad info.
  10. Well, the Spark Plugs arent a problem since I dont plan to start with a 100+ shot to need a colder plug. I did post that I was aware of a specific plug for the 3V and that I was going find out more so thanks for answering that.

    For the Fuel Rail Adapter matter it does seem as if it will fit the 05 rail just by comparing pictures of the Zex Adapter and the NX one. I could still be wrong of course but I will get the word from an authorized NX rep (Manager) that it can be returned if it doesnt fit after they say that it does.

    I'll get to construct the removable switch panel later today since I already have a pair of toggles. One is the Master, with red cover, for arming the system under WOT and the other is both an On for the Remote Bottle Opener that I'll eventually have and a Momentary for the Purge. The Remote Bottle Opener remains powered even when the Switch is in the Momentary position so this will be a very handy switch. Lastly, I'll wire the Bottle Heater so it is automatically powered when the ignition is activated.

    Also, for those who already have nitrous systems in place for their 05 GTs please take some pictures of the key components; bottle, engine bay parts and any electronics. I want to see what you've done even though I already know exactly how I am going to run everything.

  11. Sounds Awesome, don't forget the pics when it's all installed! Quick question, can you supercharge as well as nitrous, or is that just lunacy?
  12. As I write this, I have both the ZEX '05 Ford fuel rail adaptor and the NX part #16183 Ford fuel rail adaptor in my hands....they are similar, but have a different bolt spacing and the stub with the o-rings, that inserts into the fuel rail, are totally different diameters.....trust me, you are ordering the wrong part.

    ZEX 2005 adaptor bolt spacing = 1.630 center to center
    NX #16183 adaptor bolt spacing = 2.100 center to center

    ZEX stub diam = .575
    NX #16183 diam. = .400
  13. Well I did finally get through to someone who knew about the part and I was told that it wouldnt fit. So... I called up Zex and ordered their TPS and Fuel Rail Adapter from them so I can get it next week.

    In the meantime I picked up my NX kit today and Im getting ready to install what I have after sizing up the bottle to the wheel well in the trunk.

    I fabricated the removable switch panel last night and it fits snugly over the place of the larger cup holder and back to the console's lid. I havent painted in yet so there wont be any pictures of that yet.

    And on to the display picture.


  14. clevland once all of that is in your car i am going to need some things from you. alot of pics, quarter mile times, and how much juice will you be running?
    i plan for this set up very shortly since it really is throttle in a bottle :cheers:
  15. For those interested I will be running a 75 shot to start and then progress to 100. Once colder plugs are available I will move further but only after some great tuning and with Octane Booster.

    Anyways, I just finished up most of the install work, continued well after sundown too. Most of the work for me was finding a suitable bottle mounting location in the trunk and then removing and dropping the sump that protects the fuel lines just so I could drill the holes for the bottle brackets and then install the hardware.


    Running the 16' of nitrous hose to the trunk while following the fuel lines was no picnic either since a plastic scuff plate on the underside of the vehicle had to be slightly removed and then drilled to pass the hose through. I used about 15 zip ties to safely secure the hose to the brake and/or fuel lines. Since 16' just wasnt enough I'll have to get a 90* bulkhead connector to run the last 2' of hose into the trunk and to the bottle valve.



    Finding a decent solenoid mounting location isnt an easy task either but I will be mounting the nitrous/purge and fuel 'noids on Friday when I get more free time. The kit didnt include the AN fitting I need for the fuel rail side on the solenoid so I'll have to get that too while I wait for the fuel rail adapter and TPS.

    Until another day.

  16. is there a reason why you did not run the line through the car and through the firewall instead of under it?
  17. A very good reason actually... I didnt want to poke any additional holes in the vehicle to pass through. I'd rather do as little cutting to the steel as possible. I believe its easier to run outside instead of in just because its much more difficult to pull apart the interior then what I did.

  18. Dan, your bottle warmer is upside down.
  19. Sweet looking work. I have no doubt you will enjoy the hell out of it. We're all anxious to hear about times, dyno runs .....